Naked Bands
Apparently there have been quite a few. FlamGlamTrash.
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 How did dinosaurs do it?
Sexual practices don't really leave much of an imprint in the fossil record. And dinosaurs, themselves, are not, shall we say, the most nubile-looking creatures. According to paleo-blogger Brian Switek, you aren't alone in your confusion. He says scientists have been pondering dino-sex for more than 100 years. (Like you do.) In fact, until recently, paleontologists weren't even totally clear which dinosaurs were girls and which were boys.

And, once that mystery was solved, there were still a lot of other obvious questions. Such as: How did pointy, heavily-armored Stegosaurs get amorous?...

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 On Valentines and Vulvas
From the beginning, women were exalted as the image, the echo, the counterpart companion of the Goddess. Their access to ecstasy was imbued with spiritual significance. As priestesses, they tended the fires and fanned the generative flames from Her sex, the seat of Her power.

Paleolithic carved figures refer to woman as matrix, as creatrix, to moon cycles and menstrual magic, and resonate profound reverence in their rendering. Grandly voluptuous female forms, their sturdy stature commanding confidence and authority.

The Venuses of Willendorf, of Meton, of Lespugue, with their big breasts and belly, huge hips and ass, stand frank and fecund, formidable and efficacious. Faceless, their limbs are abbreviated. Their focus is centered on their own nubile torso, which tapers to a point. The tip of the vortex of their sex...

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 The most tattooed senior
Isobel Varley is the world's most tattooed senior. She's 74 and an English housewife. Via Bizarre.
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 Teens may have something to teach their parents
It is the age of invincibility: adolescence, when the thrill of the moment is unperturbed by the consequences of the future.

Except, maybe, when it comes to sex. Two recent studies — one, a national survey; the other, a report from Boston health trackers — found widespread use of condoms among the nearly one-third of adolescents who had intercourse, belying the portrayals of wanton recklessness that are the coin of the cable realm.

This is a generation whose entire lifetime has been framed by the presence of the AIDS virus. So, some sex researchers aver, teens today are keenly aware of the importance of condoms (although there’s also evidence that certain sexually transmitted diseases are rising among youths, complicating the analysis).

And, it turns out, they might have a thing or two they could teach their parents or grandparents...

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 How Tech Tools Transformed New York's Sex Trade
I followed 290 women, 170 of whom made enough (at least $30,000) to separate them from streetwalkers. I spent at least 12 months earning their trust, trying not to ask a lot of prying questions. Once they realized I wasn’t a cop or social worker, they usually told me their stories. I focused on financial questions first, because it made them feel validated as workers. How much did you earn this week? What expenses did you have? Do you save any money?

The figures on the next page highlight some of the contrasts between old-world prostitutes and new-age sex workers. Yet they also suggest that some things haven’t changed: Even women who don’t work on the street report hiding their activities from their families and being abused...

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 How Christians should rethink sex
When it comes to sex, many Christians confuse the fences for the playground.

We’ve created what I call the chastity cult. Married and single Christians alike put sex on a pedestal. We’re more serious and obsessed with the rules than we ought to be.

Young people wear promise rings - pledging to delay sex till marriage – march hand in hand under the banner of courtship. Some won’t even kiss until they’ve walked down the aisle. Married couples pray before making love or sometimes even feel guilty about the joy and sensuality of it all.

Like the heretics of yore, we are so wary of sensual pleasure, we put up so many rules, rigmarole, and warning signs that we’ve made sex unrecognizable. We forget that sex is playful....

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 Hard Core
The Atlantic:
As recently as 15 years ago, if somebody wanted vivid depictions of, say, two men simultaneously performing anal penetration on the same woman, securing such a delicacy would require substantial effort because the pornographic repertoire was still limited by the costs and imprecision of distribution. Leaving aside matters of taste and propriety, just how big an audience of horny derelicts or hurried businessmen would wriggle into a Pussycat Theater, with its sticky floors, and, in the company of others, watch a double-anal double feature? Most likely, the producers were more comfortable knowing they could aggregate a much larger audience with an hour of good old-fashioned blow jobs and randy nurses. Even as porn migrated from film reels to videocassettes, there lingered some thorny logistical problems to overcome. The clunky videotape still had to be smuggled into the family residence, had to be viewed in a secured environment from which nosy children and spouses were barred, and then had to be stored in a crawl space, safe, or dedicated dungeon—or reluctantly tossed in the trash.

The difficulty of acquiring this material may have hinted at a great, and therefore pent-up, demand. Then, technology produced the Second Coming: the Inter­net. And then the Rapture itself: broadband. Pornography is now, indisputably, omnipresent: in 2007, a quarter of all Internet searches were related to pornography. Nielsen ratings showed that in January 2010, more than a quarter of Internet users in the United States, almost 60 million people, visited a pornographic Web site. That number represents nearly a fifth of all the men, women, and children in this country—and it doesn’t even take into account the incomprehensible amount of porn distributed through peer-to-peer downloading networks, shared hard drives, Internet chat rooms, and message boards.

So, perhaps it’s no surprise that, for those who crave the more drastic masturbatory aid, the Internet offers easy access to a Grand Guignol of the outright bizarre (Midget Porn, Clown Porn, Girl-Fight Gang-Bang Porn). What is surprising is what now constitutes widely available, routine stuff in the major porn portals...

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Found on Bad Suzy.
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 Social networking leads to sex faster
Nearly four out of five women and three of five men say they believe texting, Facebook and other social media tools for staying connected cause new couples to jump into bed faster, a survey released on Monday found.

However, only 38 percent of women say they have actually slept with a date any sooner because of digital intimacy, according to the 1,200 women and men who participated in the third annual sex survey by Shape and Men's Fitness magazines.

Smart phones and laptops are the new toys that lead to the bedroom, it said, with nearly 80 percent of women and 58 percent of men saying social media tools leads to sex faster...

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 Whale DP
picture Neurotic Physiology:
Imagine this. You’re on a research vessel out at sea in the Bay of Fundy, prime summer cruising area for feeding and nursing right whales. You’re not doing anything kinky, just attaching research tags to whales to determine position and feeding habits.

And then you see it. A Surface Active Group of two males and a female, rolling around and jostling at the surface. The female rolls over, presents her underside above the waves, and then…

That, my friends, is what we in the scientific call “simultaneous intromission”. Two whale penises. One whale vagina. You can do the math...
These guys have 2 meter penises and 1 ton balls. Just saying.
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picture picture
Found on Erotic Beauties.
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 Scientist Says NASA Must Study Space Sex
"NASA has always been tight lipped on the subject of sex in space — which makes people all the more curious. How would it work? Has anyone done it before? Can a child be conceived in zero-G? With few animal tests and (virtually no human testing), there's been next to no scientific analysis of the issue. Until now. The Journal of Cosmology has published a special issue detailing the mission to Mars, which touches all the bases. In a chapter titled Sex on Mars , Dr. Rhawn Joseph from the Brain Research Laboratory in California discusses everything from the social conditions that would push astronauts to have sex to the possibility of the first child being born on another planet. Such an infant would be the first real Martian — at least by nationality, the researcher pointed out. 'On Mars, the light's going to be different, the gravity will be different, it's a completely different atmosphere,' he said. 'So if you put an infant on Mars, they would adapt to varying degrees of the new environment. And after several generations, you'd have a new species,' he said."...

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 What Do Sting and Trudie Styler Know about Sex that You Don't?
picture CBS News:
In Sting's case, we're not talking not sweet, romantic sex. As the glamorous couple reveal in an interview in "Harpers Bazaar," they like to keep things down and dirty even after 18 years of marriage.

"Romantic? We like tawdry," the 59-year-old singer and father of six told the magazine.

"I don't think pedestrian sex is very interesting," he said. "There's a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up."

And the magazine says the couple like to change the scenery as well as their attire, making a point to indulge in exotic rendezvous at hotels.

The couple often spend weeks when they don't see each other. But for Sting, whose hits include "Don't Stand So Close to Me," separation only fuels their passion.

"Being apart juices the relationship," Sting said. Styler, 57, agreed, saying "We don't get bored."...

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 Men with macho faces attractive to fertile women
When their romantic partners are not quintessentially masculine, women in their fertile phase are more likely to fantasize about masculine-looking men than are women paired with George Clooney types.

But women with masculine-looking partners do not necessarily become more attracted to their partners, a recent study co-authored by a University of Colorado at Boulder researcher concludes.

Meanwhile, a man's intelligence has no effect on the extent to which fertile, female partners fantasize about others, the researchers found. They say the lack of an observed "fertility effect" related to intelligence is puzzling...

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