Touching makes you healthier
No surprise -- after all, lovemaking involves total-body contact. All that skin-to-skin stroking (not to mention orgasm!) floods us with oxytocin and feel-good endorphins that do wondrous things for our emotional well-being.

Regular sex also does the physical body good, possibly even preventing us from getting sick as often. People who had sex once or twice a week had 30 percent more infection-fighting immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva than those who didn't do the deed as often, according to a study done at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Not partnered up? Solo sex counts, too: At least one study links masturbation with lower risk of depression....

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 Women's tears send "no sex" message to men
Men who took part in the study, published in Science Express, were asked to sniff the tears of women who had cried while watching sad films.

Sobel said researchers had expected the tears would boost the men's sense of empathy. Instead, their heart and respiratory rates, salivary testosterone and a brain scan all pointed to a reduction of sexual arousal.

The chemo-signal in women's tears, he said, was one way of saying "no, I am not interested."...
Hm, I don't know about that. Depends on context. To me, if we just had a fight, and she starts crying, that means we'll be having sex in about 10 minutes.
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 Sexual Health Study
Huffington Post:
Researchers found 41 combinations of sex acts that participants reported engaging in during their most recent sexual experience. This includes solo acts such as intercourse and combinations of multiple acts, such as oral sex and partner masturbation. While intercourse is still the most common, "what it means to have sex can vary greatly from one person to the next," said Dr. Debby Herbenick.

She added that by no means are there only 41 possible combinations; certain behaviors--kissing, for example--were not included in the study.

"Health care providers might be wise to ask more specifically about the types of behaviors that they’re interested in, in terms of helping their patients or assessing risk for certain things, rather than just asking if somebody, for example, is sexually active," said Herbenick...

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 In Praise Of Angry Sex
The Frisky:
Mostly, I’m a girl who mopes when she’s upset. I’m not intending to be passive-aggressive: I simply turn inwards when I feel disappointed, sad or hurt. Like many women, none of those feelings leave room for me to feel at all sexual. I simply cannot compartmentalize myself like that. Up until recently, I would have added “angry” to the list of adjectives that are a personal boner killer. And then I had angry sex and realized, “This. Is. Awesome.”

I don’t want to get into specifics for privacy’s sake, but let it suffice to say it hasn’t been all rose petals and kittens lately for me and Mr. Jessica. Increasingly, in the past few days/weeks, I’ve been upset, frustrated and, yes, angry, for large swaths of the day and night. The problem is, I am also crazily horny...

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 The 13 Smartest Porn Stars of All Time
1. Asia Carrera

Not to be mistaken with Wayne's World's Tia Carrera, Asia Carrera was born in New York City and studied piano as a child (which is probably where she gets her fast fingers). She was so good at this, in fact (the piano playing), that she performed at Carnegie Hall TWICE before even turning 15.

She's starred in over 275 adult films in her career and has as IQ of 156. She also attended Rutgers University from which she earned a full scholarship, where she double-majored in Business and Japanese.

She never quite finished her full degree, though, because she made more money at the stripping job she had during college and according to her just "had more fun" and, according to Cyndi Lauper, that's all girls want to do anyway, so everything seemed to work out.

She's gone on to own the rights to some of her most famous films, including "A is for Asia", and has become one of the most well-known adult film stars of all time.

She's the self proclaimed "nerd of porn" and is an avid player of Unreal Tournament (a popular First-Person-Shooter game). She even went as far as designing her own game skins.

Her gamertag is Megabitchgoddess, for anyone who's interested.

You may recognize her from the fake porn film in The Big Lebowski or from the action figures of her that are sold in some novelty stores...

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 Practical Nonmonogamy
There are lots of different kinds of nonmonogamy. Polyamory, swinging, open relationships, dating around, traditional polygamy, and sex/play parties, to name just a few. And each of these contains numerous sub-groups with their own styles, which are often incompatible. On top of this, there are a huge number of nonmonogamous practitioners have not joined any community, who have just figured it out on their own.

Your type of nonmonogamy is specific to you. You will need to feel out your own style, perhaps drawing on established communities and their knowledge, or perhaps making it up. There is no one roadmap or right way to do it. Part of getting into nonmonogamy is trying out different things and discovering what it is you want and what works for you.

Use polyamorous resources, whether or not you are polyamorous. One of the primary accomplishments of the polyamorous movement is that poly people write how-to books, set up advice websites, hold support and discussion groups, put on conferences filled with how-to workshops, and so on. These resources are typically useful to anyone practicing nonmonogamy, even if polyamory is not their style. It is helpful to think of polyamory as a toolbox of practices and ideas. Take what is useful to you and leave the rest...

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 That’s one miraculous conception
The patient was well aware of the fact that she had no vagina and she had started oral experiments after disappointing attempts at conventional intercourse. Just before she was stabbed in the abdomen she had practised fellatio with her new boyfriend and was caught in the act by her former lover. The fight with knives ensued. She had never had a period and there was no trace of lochia after the caesarean section. She had been worried about the increase in her abdominal size but could not believe she was pregnant although it had crossed her mind more often as her girth increased and as people around her suggested that she was pregnant. She did recall several episodes of lower abdominal pain during the previous year. The young mother, her family, and the likely father adapted themselves rapidly to the new situation and some cattle changed hands to prove that there were no hard feelings...

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 Richard Feynman practices pick-up techniques
When I was back at Cornell in the fall, I was dancing with the sister of a grad student, who was visiting from Virginia. She was very nice, and suddenly I got this idea: “Let’s go to a bar and have a drink,” I said.

On the way to the bar I was working up nerve to try the master’s lesson on an ordinary girl. After all, you don’t feel so bad disrespecting a bar girl who’s trying to get you to buy her drinks — but a nice, ordinary, Southern girl?

We went into the bar, and before I sat down, I said, “Listen, before I buy you a drink, I want to know one thing: Will you sleep with me tonight?”


So it worked even with an ordinary girl! But no matter how effective the lesson was, I never really used it after that. I didn’t enjoy doing it that way. But it was interesting to know that things worked much differently from how I was brought up...

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 Do I Love My Wife? An Investigative Report
How do I love thee? I love thee with serotonin produced by my raphe Nuclei. I love thee with testosterone receptors deep in my hypothalamus. I love thee with dopamine that floods my primitive lizard brain.

Actually, I hope I love my wife with all my major brain parts — but who knows? The truth is, I don't know how I love her. That's the whole point of today's experiment. We'll see.

Right now, I'm stuck inside a whirring, clunking MRI machine at New York University. Six inches above my nose hovers an image of my smiling wife wearing a black spaghetti-strap dress...

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 Sex on Mars
Journal of Cosmology:
Performance of the sex act during a journey to Mars, may require potentially complex sexual gymnastics. On the other hand, any difficulties associated with sexual intercourse in space may turn out to be an easily solved problem of docking and entry as human are notorious for inventing ways of having sex despite all manner of logistical impediments (Joseph 2000a). However, what impact will sexual activity have on team dynamics and morale? And what if an astronaut became pregnant during the journey? Would the fetus be viable? How would this impact the crew?...

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 Hunkier than thou
The Economist:
Scientists are finally succeeding where so many men have failed: in understanding why women find some guys handsome and others hideous.

When it comes to partners, men often find women’s taste fickle and unfathomable. But ladies may not be entirely to blame. A growing body of research suggests that their preference for certain types of male physiognomy may be swayed by things beyond their conscious control—like prevalence of disease or crime—and in predictable ways.

Masculine features—a big jaw, say, or a prominent brow—tend to reflect physical and behavioural traits, such as strength and aggression. They are also closely linked to physiological ones, like virility and a sturdy immune system....
(via Sex Secrets)
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 How Your Playboy Centerfold Sausage Is Made
It's not enough to make the cut to be a Playboy centerfold. Your nipples also have to be the right sort of pointy. Your butt has to have a "better curve." Enter Photoshop. Here, a rare view into the process.

It's "The Year Of The Rabbit" at Christie's, which has put up for auction an array of Playboy memorabilia. The most interesting are the copies of Playboy centerfolds from the 1990s and early 2000s that are marked up by editors and the art department — and subjected to a panel that grades them with a composite score...

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 Porn Stars Playing Video Games
#2. Kirsten Price Tests the XBox Kinect's Nudity Capabilities

Click here for the video. Be warned, the video is censored, because life isn't that awesome.

In this awesome video, adult film star Kirsten Price (winner of the Best Group Sex award at the 2010 AVN awards and star of such great American films as The Bone Ranger, Betty Cocker and Red White and Goo) tests the new XBox Kinect's capabilities to detect the human body. She tries out a few things in this actually-pretty-funny video, such as the Kinect's abilities to detect legs under a long skirt, arms and torso under a huge parka, a furry costume and, of course, if the images will upload to XBox if she's completely naked...

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 Why I'm Happy I Became a Prostitute
Some of the nicest men I've ever met were my clients. We must move beyond cartoonish depictions of villainous, lustful men victimizing vulnerable women.

I was in my early 20s, teaching undergrads in the morning, taking graduate classes in the afternoon, and selling nighttime webcam sex shows on a site that regularly featured professional porn stars like Jenna Jameson. The man watching me that night bought 90 minutes, which would have cost him nearly $600. I’d landed a big fish, and I didn’t want to lose it. But when he told me his request, I froze.

“Why don’t you take a nap?” he wrote...

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 Jesus take me as I am
There's so much about the Christian world that's embarrassing for moderate Christians, from creationist theme parks to the worship song which goes: Jesus take me as I am/I can come no other way/Take me deeper into you/Make my flesh life melt away".

But most embarrassing of all has to be Christian teaching about sex. So much of it, by inherent tendency – its original sin – seems paranoid, repressive, repressed, disproportionate, harmful, world-denying and anti-human.

The celibate reformed sexaholic and father of western Christianity, St Augustine, among other more widely quoted doctrines, taught that before the fall Adam could move his trouserless trouser-snake like a finger. This was not so much for its comedy value as for the sake of separating sexual mechanics from appetite – allowing the horn without the horniness.

The problem of course is that however horrified you are by sex you can't abolish it without presenting your religion with a serious demographic challenge. So Augustine and his fellow fathers made passion the evil – irrational, unruly, hedonistic, bestial – and drew a line between that and the unavoidable zoology of procreation. So to be completely free from sin, as God intended, Adam's sex would have to be passionless, controlled, rational and utilitarian...

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