Anal Sex Guide
picture From Nixxx at Bawdy Bits. Lots of advice. Like here on making anal sex as safe as possible:
Anal sex can be a perfectly safe activity as long as you take the necessary precautions. You should remember that your anus and rectum do not have their own natural lubrication nor the kind of elasticity the mouth and vagina enjoy. That is why anal sex must be practiced with care. There are three things that should always be used whenever anal penetration is taking place; lubrication, condoms and common sense. Liberal amounts of lubrication are necessary because the rectal wall can be quite sticky and is subject to tearing and lesions if not kept lubricated. In addition, the anus and rectum are narrow, so lubrication is needed to press inside smoothly. Condoms are another necessity. Enemas, douches and other cleaners will not be able to get all the germs and bacteria out of the rectum. Not only is anal sex facilitate the transmission of STDs better than any other form of sex, it can also cause urinary tract infections and other bacterial diseases. Latex protection is essential, and can offer additional slickness. Finally, use your common sense. The rectal wall curves and is thin so long, hard objects can tear your insides. Don't wear any jewelry on your hands, and cut your fingernails if you are going to put your finger in someone's anus. Most importantly, respect your body. Don't push the limits and go only as far as you feel comfortable.

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 Fuck Abstinence
Tristan Taormino has an excellent article in Village Voice, rightfully criticizing the nuttyness of abstinence-only sex education programs.
When I was in sixth grade, I went on my first date, with a guy named Mike. We walked to a pizza parlor. Over pepperoni slices and Cokes, we talked, although I have no memory of what we talked about. I know that I spent a lot of time worrying about what to wear; eventually I settled on my Sergio Valente jeans and a blue jacket. Afterward, he walked me back to my house. I remember that I liked him and had fun with him. On Monday at school, girls asked me for details, and the most pressing question seemed to be "Did you kiss?" I panicked: I forgot to kiss him. Later that week, the teacher separated the girls and boys and marched us into different classrooms. We watched a filmstrip about menstruation and reproduction. The teacher told us about fallopian tubes, ovaries, and tampons. I paid attention, but it had little relevance to my life since I was still stressing about not locking lips with Mike. Among my friends, I was one of the only ones who had even gone on a date. I was supposed to kiss him or let him kiss me, and in my genuine giddiness, I totally flubbed it. I've changed a lot in the 20 years since then, but so has an entire generation of young adults.

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 Naked Olympics
picture Did you know that the original Greek olympics were done entirely in the nude? Well, it was just guys, and married women were not allowed to watch, or they'd be thrown off Mount Typaeum. But it was a great place to bring your daugthers, in the hope that they might marry a young atlete. And the games were great business for prostitutes.
We know how fundamental nudity was to Greek culture. It really appealed to the exhibitionism and the vanity of the Greeks. Only barbarians were afraid to show their bodies. The nude athletes would parade like peacocks up and down the stadium. Poets would write in a shaky hand these wonderful odes to the bodies of the young men, their skin the color of fired clay.

But other cultures, like the Persians and the Egyptians, looked at these Greek men oiling one another down and writhing in the mud, and found it very strange. They believed it promoted sexual degeneracy.

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picture Nyotaimori is the old Japanese custom of eating sushi or sashimi off the naked body of a young woman. Here's what the word comes from in Japanese:
nyo (女) - woman
tai (体) - body
mori (盛り) - helping, plateful, serving, arrangement, etc.
Yum! There are a few western sushi restaurants who've experimented with a scaled down version, but generally it is rather hard to come by. Unless you do it all yourself. Feel free to invite me.
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