picture OK, I'm getting a bit more organized to put up new galleries more frequently. Like, every day. Here's one with Jenna Jameson.
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 Dita von Teese
She's sure very easy on the eyes. Perfect pin-up looks. Marilyn Manson is a lucky man, or whatever exactly he is. (She's his girlfriend). More pictures here.
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A tantric beauty from Goddess Temple.
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 Suicide Girls
These Suicide Girls are just, wow!! No other site like it. It is a whole cultural phenomenon. Hundreds of strange and wonderful tattooed punk goth girls. And it is like this cooperative grassroots community thing where they have their own blogs, people can upload banners, etc. Costs very little to join too. Hard to pick what picture to post, but I've gotta start somewhere. Here's MistiDawn.
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 Crissy in the Shower
picture I've gotta put up some more galleries. Well, here is a shower series with Crissy Moran. I saw these two pictures in a forum somewhere, and I just had to track down what gallery they came from. And you'll find it here. She seems to run her own site, even. I haven't seen any of her movies, but she sure is cute.
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 Naked Gymnastics
picture OK, it isn't the olympics, and they aren't entirely naked, but several olympic medal winning Romanian gymnasts got in some trouble a couple of years ago for doing topless gymnastics on a Japanese DVD. Sheesh, so what, that's delightful. This is Lavinia Milosovici performing floor exercises. She won two gold medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Stories here, here or here.
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picture Donovan Philips is a photographer with some adult websites. He was wondering why people tended to sign up for them particularly when pictures of this girl were showing. Well, that's not really hard to guess. She's super-cute. Look at those eyes. And look at one of his galleries with her. Keep looking at me like that, and just tell me where to sign up. Her name is Mellissa.
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