Alrincon, via Zaeega.
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 Register your slaves
picture The Slave Register:
The Slave Register (TSR) provides a central place for the registration of slaves and submissives. Each registration is assigned a unique Slave Registration Number ("SLRN"), and owned submissives and slaves can display an ownership certificate....

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 Dinosaurs fucking robots
WTF?, but if that's your fetish, you'll know you'll have to go to Dinosaurs fucking Robots.
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picture Married Man's Fucktoy:
Am i okay with being branded?

The answer is: Yes, i am truly okay with branding. My Owner and i have loosely fantasized about branding for a few years now. Though i don't have much to say about it (because i am fucking petrified of it) and He may use it as a topic to get me to shut the hell up, the whole idea really fascinates both of us. He has had me pierced; He has had me tattooed twice; and branding may just be one of those things that triggers us both-- we get off thinking about it-- and it may not even be something that is actually done. However, i don't know this for a fact and refuse to ask or even speculate...

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picture Oddee: 8 Freakiest Fetishes, like:
1. Woolies: obsessed about wool clothing

There are some people who love wool so much that they make bodysuits out of them, to wear them constantly. There is even a French wool fetishist forum to discuss their love for wool clothing. Some of this advanced knitters take their clothing experience to the "next level."...
Woolie sites here: Izismile, Doctissimo. Thanks, Luke.
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 BDSM Fetish Kink Checklist
From Fetish Exchange. Part of a checklist to assess what kind of kink one is into, particularly if one is tending towards the submissive.
Which of the following scenes would turn you on?

[ ] Having a romantic dinner by candlelight
[ ] I am spanked because I have been a naughty girl
[ ] I am in the woods and suddenly this man comes from behind and grabs me
[ ] A stranger walks into my bedroom and finds me playing with myself
[ ] My partner and I are making love in a public place
[ ] I am are sold on a slave market
[ ] I am used as a slave in public
[ ] I am used as a slave in private
[ ] I am ordered to please others
[ ] I am a little schoolgirl
[ ] I am sitting/kneeling at my Master's feet
[ ] I am are tied and teased
[ ] I am grabbed by the hair and dragged into the bedroom
[ ] I am used as a dog, pony or pet
[ ] I am verbally humiliated
[ ] I am tied, gagged and blindfolded and left alone
[ ] I am tied, gagged, blindfolded and thoroughly whipped
[ ] My physical limits are tested and stretched
[ ] My mental limits are tested and stretched
[ ] I have to sign a contract
[ ] I am a total slave every day of the week...

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 The human carpet
picture NY Times:
A MAN walks into a bar. He’s carrying a carpet under his arm. He wraps himself in the carpet, lies on the floor, covers his face and waits for people to step on him. A sign taped to the bar reads: “Step on carpet.”

People step on the carpet — dozens, in fact. The more people who step on the carpet, particularly if they are women in heels, the happier the man is. Some are timid, others are audacious. Some dance on the man. Some step on him while ordering their drinks, completely unaware that a live body is underfoot. Some just stand there, frozen, looking totally freaked out.

Four hours later, the man slips out from beneath his carpet, folds it up, tucks it under his arm and heads home. “It was a nice party,” he says cheerily, as if he were talking about something far more ordinary, like, say, a backyard barbecue....

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 The lands of human sexuality
By Franklin Veaux. Bigger version here
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 Public Disgrace

Wow, the sites they come up with. Check out Public Disgrace
This update is the the definition of intense. Cecilia Vega gets taken to local SF bar, bound, gagged, and made to suck cock and open her holes for strangers. She gets ass fucked while bound, naked and exposed in a room full of clothed people. She gets fisted on the counter while people stare. She is tossed around like a toy from person to person and finally blindfolded and locked in the bathroom for anyone to take advantage of......
I don't know about you, but that scenario does get my juices flowing. And I like the way these videos are done. Not phoney porn acting, but a real experience. Well, at the end we always see the girl smiling, discussing how much fun it was, so it is never not consensual. But what happens is exactly what it says.
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 The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys
picture Cracked. Sample:
#4. Dildo Gas Mask

We're not really sure about the logistics involved in this, although it does vaguely reminds us of a He-man action figure we once saw. That's kinda cool. Also, safe sex is important and if you have a habit of releasing tear gas during love making then this is right up your alley, so to speak.

Fun Website Quote: "Can be enjoyed in so many ways!"

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 Sleeping cuties
Sleeping Cuties. Nothing but cute girls sleeping. That's some kind of fetish. Looks like it is going out of business, though.
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 Erotic Falconry
I didn't expect that one. I group of enthusiastic falcon lovers
When a group of fellow orniphiles sat down in a sweaty boardroom outside LaCrosse, Wisconsin in August of 2004, they didn’t know their little “perversion” would soon become a tri-statewide movement.

That word. Perversion. Makes my skin crawl, my stomach turn and my scrotum contract. Where’s the perversion in loving another one of God’s creatures? Where’s the deviance in wanting to pull feathers rather than blond hair? What’s abnormal about wanting to see your wife take a three-inch beak instead of a 10-inch African American phallus or a silicon, injection-molded forearm? How can a human vagina or anus even compare to hollow bones or a molty egg-hole. Hah!

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picture picture
From Fetish by Anna
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 Dragons having sex with cars
WTF? I guess that could be a fetish for somebody, somewhere. So, if that's what raises your tail fins, this forum should work for you.
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 Fishermen and tentacles
picture Mainichi:
Taro Makeburu, a stage comedian, used to be a fisherman. A resident of the Izu Islands, he enrolled in a public high school whose curriculum, understandably, offered numerous subjects related to oceanography.

Magazine columnist Kureichi Matsuzawa has long been a fan of Makeburu's humorous fish stories, which, Matsuzawa notes, can't get too raunchy or personal when he's performing in public as they might alienate the audience.
But get him in private and, well, you wind up reeling in something a bit bestial.
We're not talking about legends of making it with mesmerizing mermaids, but something that's the genuine thing. Like manta rays.

"Almost everybody in the fishing business has had sex with a manta at some point," Makeburu asserts.

What!!! A manta??? You mean one of those enormous, intimidating winged things with a stinger on their tail that looks like an aquatic Batman?

Yep. After all, fisherman out on ships spend a loooonggg time at sea without ever encountering a woman, and, well, let's face it, they can get pretty horny. No, dammit, let's make that incredibly horny. Even desperate enough to do it with a manta. Right?..

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