What's my niche?
picture It recently dawned on me that I never quite decided what niche Sexoteric is in. It has always been basically stuff I like, which is somehow erotic, sexy, artful, curious or sex positive. But, you know, if you want to make it somewhat big with an adult site or blog, you need friends, you need to trade traffic with other sites, and you need to be listed in all sorts of places. That's a lot easier if you know what category you're in. Most directories of porn sites have rather ridiculous categories, like one has to choose one of big boobs, blondes, anal, black, hairy, trannies, cumshots, etc.

I got to think of it as I have been working on some new sites. Like Nudidity, which is a nude babes site. The niche is very clear there. Or Sex Blog News, which is an adult blog aggregator. That's also clear.

So, just to let you know that I'll be fine-tuning the positioning of Sexoteric a bit, and paying closer attention to who my friends are. I'm open to suggestions, but basically this is an adult variety site with a certain aesthetic about the erotic, combining beautiful images with steamy stories, sex positive news and articles, sex curiosities, history, art, etc. I imagine it to be for fairly smart and sophisticated people, of both genders. But, to not be too full of myself, I maybe shouldn't be too surprised if the truth is that the visitors are 99% hairy guys sitting in their underwear looking for porn to jerk off to.
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In case anybody didn't notice, I'm posting 3 new galleries per day on most days. They don't all appear here in the blog section, but you can see them either on the Sexoteric home page or in the galleries page. These are all hosted on my server, so no strange popups or anything.
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 She loves Sexoteric
Ah, somebody actually listened to my call for more boobielicious fan pictures. First entry from none other than the lovely Kinkerbelle. I can't imagine a better tribute. I love the handcuffs, the boobs, the writing, Kinkerbelle's trademark clenched fists. Yummy.
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 Don't you love Sexoteric?
I'm a little surprised that nobody else has sent me any pictures like this. Of course I haven't actually asked for them. But, hey, notice the opportunity for self-promotion. I've had Amy Lockheart's boobs showing prominently in my right sidebar for ages, with lots of people clicking on them. And her boobs are absolutely lovely. But I wouldn't mind having a few to choose from. So, if your boobs are nice to look at, or your ass, or any other body part, and you have a nice handwriting, don't hold yourself back! Only use permanent marker if you really, really love Sexoteric.
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 Sex Blogging
Hahah, that just makes my day. Via Kristen Archives.
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 Blog do Ano
picture Praça da República has honored Sexoteric with a bronze medal award for the best international blogs 2006. These are the winning blogs:
Las insólitas aventuras del pez
Art Nudes

Blog and Roll

Sensuality Art

Well, thank you! I'm clearly in good company.
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 Happy Halloween
I hope you get plenty of both tricks and treats.

These two pictures from Met-Art.

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 Tasteful Nudes
A photographer wrote to me and asked me to remove some pictures I had posted of his. Which is enough of a first to give special attention. It only happened one time before, some Iranian artist who had done some pictures of half-nude women in burkhas as some kind of political statement.

Actually he didn't just write to ask me, he sent some nasty legally sounding thing, threatening with the FBI and so forth. Which doesn't exactly score any points, so I sent back a nasty lecture about the Internet, and about how it is usually a good thing to get free publicity on a popular blog. And honestly, I get a lot of thank you notices, and messages from photographers who'd like to be mentioned.

But, really, I don't normally ask for permission. No time to bother with that, and, anyway, that's an artifact of the old-time publishing system, before the Internet. If you've written something on the net, it is pretty much to be expected that somebody else will feel they can quote it in their blog. With proper credit and linkage, of course. But there are still artists and photographers around who would consider it stealing if you show one of their pictures, no matter what nice things you say about them, and whether you spell their name and their link right, and no matter how many thousands of hits I send to their website.

Anyway, after the first nasty exchange, the guy sent back a nice enough letter and explained that his issue was that this blog has pornographic and near-pornographic content too. And his photography was more in the "tasteful nude" category. Exquisite photography, btw. But he felt it was bad for his image if he was associated with anything like that, and that his models certainly wouldn't appreciate it. Which is perfectly alright, of course, and I'd respect that and remove pictures when people ask for it.

Now, the point I'm trying to get around to making is how this is so obviously an American way of looking at it. You know, that for it to be considered ok to show nude pictures, you'll try to insist that it has nothing whatsoever to do with sex. That you're not at all trying to stimulate anybody in any kind of erotic way. It is just natural nude bodies for the sake or art. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that greatly. But in part because I find it erotic. Which to me means that it stimulates some kind of sexual feeling, in some kind of also mentally and emotionally satisfying way. That I look at a beautiful naked woman doesn't mean I have to go from there to instantly think about fucking her. But, hey, I like looking at it not just because she has nice skin or something. But to be politically correct in the officially puritanical United States, you have to pretend that these things have nothing to do with each other. Whereas in European countries one tends to not lose much sleep over such a difference. An artful picture of two people having sex is not in a totally different category than a picture of a nude woman on a rock in the sun. It is erotic, maybe aesthetically pleasing, maybe stimulating. Sex isn't dirty.

Maybe I'm rambling, but I guess I needed to. My target here is what is erotic. Preferably with some kind of artistic quality. That most of the time will include tasteful nudes. Sometimes kinky stuff. Sometimes it is pornographic. I don't really care if your community standards finds this website tasteful or obscene. So, I guess it isn't this site you should show to your local pastor in Idaho to convince him that nudity is perfectly natural and harmless.
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 Google doesn't like me any more
Don't know what happened, but I suddenly realized my site here has disappeared without a trace from Google. Last month it had many hundreds of pages indexed and more than 5000 visitors came through Google. This month, zilch, zippo, nothing. There obviously must be something they've decided I've done wrong, but I can't guess what it is. Did I exchange links with somebody I shouldn't have? Anybody who can see anything obvious I'm missing?

Just a few months ago there were maybe 5 mentions in Google of the word "sexoteric". Since I made this site, there are now 15,000, which all are references to this site. But they now pretend there are zero links, and that they've never heard of sexoteric.com. No links, no pages, no nothing. What did I do?
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 Sexoteric Blog
I've decided to add my own blog here too. The sexoteric site is otherwise meant as a resource for finding various kinds of sexual and erotic material, gathered from different sources. But I think a more personal touch would only make it better.

I find a lot of porn sites to be rather crude and boring. I don't know who the writers think their audience is. I can't really imagine that what most people really want is "Cum Guzzling Whores". Oh, not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, but I wouldn't particularly put it like that.

Anyway, I'll favor what is erotic and sexy and stimulating and maybe unusual and exotic, rather than what is hardcore and vulgar and in-your-face (sorry about the pun).
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