Amit Bar
picture picture Here are some body painting pictures from Amit Bar. He's also doing other kinds of artful nudes, and is a contributor to Domai. Amit Bar was born in Israel and lives in the Netherlands.
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Another DOMAI Beauty. Photo by Dmitri Kuleshov.
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 Nice girl
picture on a bike
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 All you need is love
picture That's John Lennon and Yoko Ono, of course.
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 Domai Nude
picture Here's another beauty from DOMAI. Tasteful, natural nudes, beautifully photographed.
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 Spencer Tunick
picture Spencer Tunick is a photographer with the interesting speciality of photographing huge numbers of naked people in public places. He has been doing this for years, and the events sometimes attract several thousand participants. It is not meant to be erotic or sexual. Merely showing the beauty of the human form combined with the architecture of the location. The participants are very normal looking people. But it is strange and wonderful to see large masses of naked people in a train station or public square. Certainly gives a different perspective on things.

Just last Saturday Tunick did an event in Bruges, Belgium with 2000 participants
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 Carson Zullinger
Nude photography from Carson Zullinger
"My artwork derives from the exploration of the inner self, and its contrast with the physical world. I use dreams and the subconscious as a starting place to envision new imagery. I strive to create pieces that incorporate a sense of spirit or mind-body interrelationship, and at the same time tell a story."

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Jean Jacques André has done artful nude photography for many years. Quite surreal and mythical themes. Mostly black and white, but here's one in color.
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 Black and White
picture Don't know where that comes from, but I like it.
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 Domai - Natural Nudes
picture What a lovely site. DOMAI. "Tasteful nudes of beautiful women" as it says. Yeah, nobody can say it isn't tasteful. Very natural women. We're not talking pornstars here. More like regular women. But very real and very natural, and always beautiful. The site is very pleasant. There's daily nude picture you can go and look at. Or loads of content inside, of course. There is really not all that many adult sites I can fully recommend, which don't let you down somehow, but this one is certainly near the top of the list. DOMAI is run by Eolake Stobblehouse, who, for example says:
The world is full of great subjects, but I have always had a particular fondness for beautiful women. This has been so all my life. Even at seven I would clown around in school to try to impress the prettiest girl in class. What I found beautiful then were the same things I find beautiful now: charming, pretty, and natural girls who are full of life and personality. And I think they are at their finest in their natural state, because the Prime Creator's greatest creation really should not be covered up.

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 Katrina in the Harem
This is model Katrina Stefanova photographed by Kadir Aktay. Gallery here, and the London photographer's site here.
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 Nice Doggy
And a nice paint job. OK, OK, then, I'll take you for a walk.
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 The Y Collection
picture Canal96 shows an online exhibition of pictures by Petter Hegre. Well, not just any pictures. 20 art photos of different pussies. His "Y Project" Collection which previously has been shown in art museums, like Stavanger Museum of Art in Norway, and the Galeria Antonio de Bernola in Barcelona.

The one there would be one of my favorites. Under it it says:
The German philosopher Martin Heidegger tells us that when an object or desire passes from concealment to revelation, truth appears.

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Wow, amazing site:, high quality nude photography by Robert Baham. "Celebrating the maddening contradiction of woman" as it says in the heading. This guy seems to do it just for the joy and expression of it. I don't see anything for sale.
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