College Roommate Fun
By YummyKristy from SoloTouch:
I climbed onto the bed, and softly kissed her round lips. She quickly parted her lips, biting my lips softly, and flicking my tongue with hers. I moaned as our hard nipples brushed, and she arched her back up to me, then, to my surprise, climbed on top of me, her smooth pussy wet and slippery on my stomach. She licked and kissed down my body, sending waves of pleasure to my throbbing clit as her tongue worked its way down my body. As soon as her hot tongue stroked my clit, I was in ectasy, my body arching to meet her. Her tongue stroked my pussy hard, and juices flowed from it like a waterfall as I screamed out in pleasure. Then, suddenly, she slid her mouth back up my body, and then her clit was pressing against mine, hard, hot, and she was grinding against me, screaming and moaning, breasts pressed against mine, rubbing, grinding, our clits straining to meet each other, and then, with a final scream, my clit exploded into waves of spicy pleasure...

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 Earning the first gold star
By Dawn, from Kristen Archives:
I feigned sleep mainly because I didn't know what else
to do. Sleep, real or feigned, didn't dissuade Alan
that night. He continued to rub his cock up and down
my ass, and now his hand left my breast and pushed
inside my panties in front, his fingers reaching down
between my lips, rubbing in rhythm with his humping.
For some reason I didn't pull away. Part was
curiosity, what did he have in mind. Part was
amazement, he'd never done anything like this before.

He had pressed for sex, many times, but always made
sure I was also in the mood. And part was a building
excitement, despite myself. This seemed to be the only
reaction that registered with Alan as his middle
finger pushed between my lips and into my pussy. He
knows how I like him to use the pads of his hands just
below his fingers to rub against my clit, and he was
doing that well, warming me to the proposition at hand
(pun intended).

But then without warning he removed his hand and used
it to pull my panties to the side, exposing my pussy
to him from behind. He pushed me to my stomach,
rolling with me, now searching for my opening with his
cock. We'd never had sex with so little foreplay, he'd
never been this aggressive...

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 The boss' secretary
Kristen Archives, by Cuckolded1946:
After a few months I began to notice that when I would
come into the office and stop by her desk to let her
know I would need her for some work, that if her
blouse was buttoned to the top, when she would come
into my office the top one or two buttons would be

I soon realized that Margaret was flirting with me.
The thing was when she bent over my desk to ask a
question about whatever I was working on I could see
all the way to her navel. Furthermore, as I said
before, she has pretty small breasts, so when she bent
over her bra would fall away and I could see
everything to the tip of her nipples. I'm sure this
became a game with her, because she would act as if
nothing unusual was going on.

This continued until one day we were alone working
together at a table in conference room. When she came
into the office I noticed that she had undone the top
two buttons of her conservative blouse. As we worked
on the project I was openly staring down Margaret's
blouse. She glanced up and caught me staring at her
tits. She appeared to tense and pull back slightly.
But then, just as an expression of disappointment
start to cross my face, she relaxed again! I couldn't
believe it! Not only was she not trying to cover up,
she even arched her back a little, to make sure I
could get a clear view. This was not at all what I had

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My Secret Life:
Black stockings with lace tops, red lace French knickers - when you have a rounded arse like mine they look very sexy, and a pair of red boots with a high stiletto heel. I wore a black silk wrap around dress over the top, no buttons or zips just a tie belt.

By the time I got to the hotel I had butterflies in my stomach, I told him to wait in the bar and there he was. Every bit as gorgeous as I remembered. He ordered me a drink and took my coat and I could see him looking me up and down, the dress was clinging to my body and I knew he could see the outline of my underwear.

He asked me if I wanted anything to eat, and all I could do was smile,

“Later maybe, why don’t you show me the room”...

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Omega Nu:
One finger was pointing. Not knowing why, Carolyn murmured “thank you”, and walked into the room. It held only one painting, but it seemed too small to hold even that. A woman smiled at Carolyn, directly at her, a knowing smile, a smile that cut right through Carolyn. This woman had what Carolyn wanted. She moved closer to the canvas, she wanted to touch it, to rip the woman off the wall. She raised one arm, fingertips outstretched.
“Don’t turn around,” a voice breathed behind her. “Just act natural. Act like you and I are both just looking at the painting.” Normally Carolyn would whip around and mace anyone who said that, but this voice spoke to be obeyed. It made the hairs on her neck tingle, but in a good way...

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 Mile High Masturbation
Amor Gratia Amoris:
Confident that I was being as discreet as possible, I relaxed and slowly started running my index finger around my clit. I closed my eyes but couldn't help worrying that the whole plane was staring at the slut in seat 34 C so I opened them again to keep watch. I moved my leg a little to mask the movement of my hand as I reached farther into my pants to feel my wetness. I pushed two fingers as far inside me as my tight jeans would allow, swirling them around until they were soaked. I couldn't help licking my lips thinking that if I was this wet already just from touching myself for a few minutes in the plane I would definitely be cumming endlessly when we finally landed and I saw Amor again. I pulled my hand back up, spreading my wetness across my lips and my slightly swollen clit. I pinched it between my thumb and one wet finger and tapped and rubbed it with the other. No longer as worried about being discreet, I brought my other hand under the blanket and reached under my bra to grab a nipple. I was full out masturbating in a completely full airplane, right next to two guys...
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MustB Tuesday:
We finished cleaning up after closing and were out by 12:30. Lily left me to shut the lights and to lock up. Normally, on nights such as this, I'd be getting undressed in my car, but I'd have to wait until I was safely in my own room at home before I could enjoy being nude. I knew I wouldn't need to put something on too quickly because Lily would be in the bath. I opened my blouse, revealing my lacy bra covered breasts, put my car in drive and, knowing I could be happily nude soon, smiled as I drove the short distance from work to home. When I arrived, I saw Lily's car parked on the street, allowing me to park in the drive. As I closed my front door behind me, I noticed my front room was glowing from the soft light of candles and heard soft music playing. I stepped into my front room and saw Lily stretched out, nude, on my couch, masturbating...

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 What I want?
Friends of all sexual genders and orientations. Of all roles and types.

A home where friends and visitors could be themselves, whatever that may be.

Star to be dressed or undressed as I want her, at all times irrespective of who is present. For her to live the role as I want her to be, for her to accept this role and all that goes with it as her normal, natural life. For her to be the slave that she wants to be in all it's guises, from refind slave hostess to no limits slut...

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 Sweet agony
Kinky Librarian:
He grabbed at my pussy a bit while I was going down on him, but the gagging turned me on a surprising amount by itself. Still, given the chance, I lubed myself up. He watched as I rubbed the lube around my pussy, stopping to toy with my clit. He joined in with touching me and I’m sure my hips started bucking ever so slightly. Next, he knelt above me with his cock and slapped my face with it – hard. While I played with my clit, I had my mouth open, tongue reaching for his cock. I got quite worked up from this, and when he told me to come I had no problem doing it. He slapped my face as I came...

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 The Perfect Date
Kelly and I started in fine fashion and now it was time to strip the husbands and get into the full swap. We got them naked and all four of us took over the king size bed. John went to work on Kelly’s puss, using his very talented tongue. I lay next to her, her husband Ben was doing the same thing to me. Matching sluts. I reached over and tweaked her beautiful nipples, they were calling to me to do so. Naked Ben had an abundance of talents to match his abundance of tattoos. Yet it wasn’t his tattoos that made me happy, it was his piercings. He had a pierced tongue and a pierced cock. I have played with a pierced dude before, but not like this. He camped between my legs and promptly began teasing the blood into my pussy lips. He wrapped his hands around my knees, lightly squeezing them sending shivers up my thighs...

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 My wife fucked a black man last night
Today after several days of heavy sexting on the phone I was ready for another round of making out. After everybody left work I asked him to go to my office and I locked the door. I was just looking for a little of teasing and making out, but things changed very fast. You see, John is a dominant guy and he took charge of the situation and that turned me on. After a few minutes of passionate kisses he wanted me to drop my pants because he wanted to rub his dick against my pussy. In the past few days his texts have been about all the things he wants to do to me, but he wants to take his time to make sure that I am ready for him. I was so horny that I opened his pants and took his long thick black dick and I rubbed it against my wet pussy while he whispered in my ear how much he wanted me....

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 How I convinced my wife
So we finally coordinated an encounter. We booked a night at a hotel near Condado Beach in San Juan. We spent the day at the water and the bikinis, the sun tan lotions, the breeze prepared the ambience. The guy showed up at the beach and after a while I left them so they could have a conversation and cut the ice. I left for the hotel room and after a while they followed. We had a little chat the three of us in bed. Then I decided to turn up the heat and while caressing her I told him this was the woman I loved. My wife and I started to kiss and he started to caress her. I sucked her nipples a little. There was sand all over her body and she asked me to get out of the room for a few minutes. She wanted to take a shower with him. When I returned she was already sucking his cock. She left herself be carried away and had four wonderful orgasms. After that we had dinner in a small Italian restaurant near the hotel and walked to Ventana al Mar, which is a romantic little park with a walk in front of the sea. I felt a bond was created between us. I felt we were really connected...

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 Heavy beating
Kinky Librarian:
On Thursday, I asked MasterDoc if I could have a beating that night. He had just been thinking the same thing. Apparently he was in an ass whupping mood.

He used duct tape for a gag, something that really turns me on. I could just make muffled moaning noises through the gag. I knelt on the bed, ass in the air, Axis under me for support. My nose was a little stuffy so I focused a lot on how my breathing was doing. I did fine but when gasping over pain or holding my breath, as I often to when coming, I was concerned.

He startled me by starting off with wax. I didn’t hear him light the candle, but I sure felt the hot wax hit my ass. He followed up with some on my upper back, and once again on my ass. He used the vampire gloves to scratch my body. Again the feeling was unlike any other...

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 The Fantasy Man
True Story Sex:
When we bought our house, there was a fellow who kept his lawn mowing equipment in our garage in exchange for mowing the lawns. I was working out of town and my wife didn't drive so he would also take her shopping and help around the house a bit - very convenient.

After a few months, my wife started telling me she had a fantasy man who wanted her and she was finding it hard to resist. It wasn't hard to figure out who her fantasy man was. She told me she liked it when he looked at her - she felt very sexy. She always said it was her fantasy man, as if it wasn't really happening, but she would be really wet and horny after telling me and we were having great sex. Whatever was happening was making her hot and horny.

I was surprised how open she was talking about her "fantasy". She liked sex but she was also quite prudish and proper. She said her fantasy was to have an affair - to have two men and that she really liked to be fucked. She asked me if I thought she was bad wanting to be fucked by more than one man. Thinking of her being fucked made me horny, but I knew from previous conversations that she wanted me to be jealous, so I told her it was OK to have fantasies but not to do it. She told me many times she wants to be fucked by other men...

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 Ringing in the New Year Fuck Fest
We heard moaning from the back bedrooms. We all raced down the hallway as if we were answering a peacock mating call. One of the benefits of attending these fuck fests is that if you are not playing you are usually welcome to watch, and the participants typically perform better with an audience. At the end of the hallway a mass of people had accumulated watching the spectacle. In one room was a woman on her knees, a BBC (Big Black Cock) in front of her with his cock in her mouth while another BBC was fucking her from behind. In an opposite room was the same image! A woman on her knees with two BBC’s in the exact same position. “Isn’t that Barbie?” I asked Donnie. “Yes and Yes,” he answered. We had two women at the party named Barbie and both of them were very happy. “Which one is which?” I queried. “Does it MATTER?” Three people simultaneously uttered...

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