Rocking horse pony girl
“Xenia illustrates real girl next door without any sexual inhibitions. She hides her innocent little face under the hood joining her hair into a thick tail. Cuffs on hands and feet bond up her momentary daftness. It’s just up to you to unleash, and turn a canter to a rodeo.”
Via Dangerous Minds
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 Pussy Natural Energy Drink
Ah, I could sip that all day. Laughing Squid.
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 Japanese turn sex doll into dental-training robot
Tokyo frequently presents a story that’s borderline fiction -- sex dolls for cavity-filling practice, puhlease -- but the pedigree of the new Hanako Showa 2 dental training robot tells us this is no product of a fevered imagination.

We previously saw big sister, plain Jane Hanako Showa, in early 2010, noting that the synthetic patient was being used in the Showa University dental school for more than simple caries-evacuation practice on her plumbed-in dentures.

That model even incorporated the concept of being female simply so junior dentists could learn not to accidentally fondle her breasts. We kid you not...

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 Network flogger
You've been a bad, bad sysadmin. Found on Geeks are Sexy.
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 An unforgettable fall day with comrade Kim Il-Sung
Via BoingBoing. Translated from "Korea" magazine, No. 346, 1985.
This happened in early November 1973. I drove a tractor with a trailer loaded with rice sheaves, and I had the honor of meeting Our Beloved Leader, Comrade Kim Il-sung, on the road. I pined for him in my dreams. Our Beloved Leader warmly shook my hand smeared with machine oil, and praised me by saying that a young girl like me works so hard. He inspected the engine, the cab, and the gearbox of my tractor, and gently asked how many sheaves are loaded on the trailer. ... Our Beloved Leader looked at me for a minute, and asked in his hoarse voice, "So, if you drove the tractor until 12, do your hands hurt now?" After that, he stroked my palm and hand, and rolled up the sleeve of my robe to feel for the thickness of my wrist...
Oooh, that's hot. More here.
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 Inflatable xenomorph fetishwear
picture BoingBoing:
German inflatable fetishware store sells these groovycreepy inflatable xenomorph suits for people who are, I suppose, into a kind of rubbery anti-furry...

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 Pearl Necklace
Via BoingBoing
Massachusetts-based multitalented artist Leah Piepgras has created a pearl necklace that is made of sterling silver and contains no pearls.
"A visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust."

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 Meet Sarah White, The Naked Consultant
picture Via Fleshbot:
Hi! My name’s Sarah White, and I am The Naked Consultant. Do you need a website built? Do you need someone to talk to? Do you need help with your schoolwork? I’m here to help, and I’ll do it naked!

When I started thinking of a way to profile my professional capabilities (which I both studied in college, graduating summa cum laude, and have since had extensive professional experience in), I knew I wanted to do something to set myself apart from the crowd. So I asked – what makes me special? And it hit me: some people might like to see me naked!

So I started Since I love to be naked and work naked, it seemed only natural. Why not put into action the field of therapy I have pioneered, Naked Therapy? And why not combine the two things that have made the web what it is today – naked girls and eager freelancers? Voila. Two great tastes that taste great together....
Ah, works for me. I think I need a little help too. Her website is here.
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 The Emergency Bra
picture CNet, Slashdot:
"Caught in a disaster with harmful airborne particles? You'd better hope you're wearing the Emergency Bra. Simply unsnap the bright red bra, separate the cups, and slip it over your head — one cup for you, and one for your friend. Dr. Elena Bodnar won an Ig Nobel Award for the invention last year, an annual tribute to scientific research that on the surface seems goofy but is often surprisingly practical. And now Bodnar has brought the eBra to the public; purchase one online for just $29.95...
I feel an emergency coming on. Please unhook your bra and put it over my face!
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Being mormon, I can't look at porn or nudity. So I have to get creative. That's why I invented "bubbling"...

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 1940s condom wrappers
picture picture
A gallery of 21 Paper-based Condom Envelopes
from the 1930s and 1940s
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 The fusion of science and pornography
In The Atrocity Exhibition] Traven explores what most people would regard as pretty frightening pornographic imagery; he explores with the kind of eye of a forensic pathologist. He treats sexual desire as if it was something stretched out on an autopsy table; he takes a woman’s body and dismantles it – not literally, but almost literally – and constructs a kit which is literally that. I mean inside of a suitcase, as you show in the film, there is a set of the key elements that we respond to when we become sexually aroused – a pair of latex breasts, nipples, detachable pubic hair…

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 Super Sexy CPR
Yay, that's the way to learn CPR - with models in lingerie. Now I can't way for Super Sexy Algebra or Super Sexy Tax Accounting.
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 Eroto-comatose lucidity
Eroto-comatose lucidity is a technique of sex magick known best by its formulation by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley, but which has several variations and is used in a number of ways by different spiritual communities. A common form of the ritual uses repeated sexual stimulation (but not to orgasm) to place the individual in a state between full sleep and full wakefulness as well as exhaustion, allowing the practitioner to commune with God.

The ritual as described by Crowley involves one "ritualist-seer" and several aides. Donald Michael Kraig advises that the more sexually experienced the aides are, the better the ritual works, and that the aides be members of the opposite sex. Religious scholar Hugh B. Urban, however, concludes that, for Crowley, aides of the same gender as the ritualist (e.g., homosexual activity) was the highest stage of practice of this ritual.

In the first part of the ritual, the aides seek to both exhaust the ritualist sexually as well as repeatedly sexually arousing the ritualist. The ritualist is generally passive in this regard. There is disagreement over whether sexual arousal is enough, or sexual orgasm must be eventually accomplished. Crowley and others argue that orgasm must be avoided. Although other practitioners conclude that orgasm does not need to be avoided, that was how Crowley originally formulated the ritual. Most practitioners agree with Crowley that every means of arousal may be used, such as physical stimulation, genital stimulation, psychological stimulation, devices (such as sex toys), or drugs (like hashish, marijuana, or other aphrodisiacs). There should be enough aides so that if one aide tires another may take his or her place. Eventually, the ritualist will tend to sink into sleep due to exhaustion.

In the second part of the ritual, the aides seek to come close to awakening the ritualist through sexual stimulation alone. The goal is not to fully awaken her or him, but rather to bring them to the brink of wakefulness...

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 X-ray pinups
Eizo is a medical supply company. They got the splendid idea of publishing a nude pinup calendar, taken with x-ray. Not just naked, but altogether transparent! Ufunk, via BoingBoing.
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