The Scout Walker Kama Sutra
Some Star Wars fan clearly had too much time on his hands. The Scout Walker Kama Sutra goes in great detail about the sexual positions possible for a couple of Imperial Scout Walkers. This one is called "The Wrecker":
Despite appearances, this position is one of the more tricky in the Scout Walker Kama Sutra. One Scout Walker lies back with their head propped on the ground and their legs tucked up to their chest. The other Scout Walker mounts them, splaying their own legs back behind them, and proceeds to rock and thrust - being careful as they go as their partner is particularly prone and vulnerable beneath them, taking not only their full weight but the full weight behind their thrusts and motions. This position is known as "wrecking" as, on the battlefield, two Scout Walkers surprised in the act by the enemy whilst in this position can freeze, power down and quite possibly be mistaken for scrap metal: it resembles nothing more than one scout walker crushed under another who has been shot out of the sky in mid-leap. There are stories and "urban myths" floating around claiming that some have escaped with their lives by doing just that, but these are generally taken to be apocryphal. This position is popular not only for the energy you can put into it, but also because it allows the two of you to kiss, though your not pressed into each others faces either - so you can shy away from halitosis with tact.

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 BDSM Jesus dress-up
You will burn in hell for this, but why not dress up your suffering a bit while you're at it. Jesus dress-up doll.
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 People watching porn
Robbie Cooper's "Immersion: Porn" builds on his earlier work making video-recordings of gamers playing their favorite games; only this time, it's people talking about their relationship to pornography intercut with amazing, intimate footage of their faces as they watch the porn they enjoy.
Via BoingBoing. The video is here.
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 Bulletproof corset
You know you want a tactical corset.
Tactical Corsets are high-fashion high-function clothes for empowered women.

For too long, women have had to compromise practicality for beauty. Men got pants with cargo pockets and built-in knee pads, women got clothes whose only built-in feature was cuteness. But why should men get all the high-speed low-drag tactical toys?
(Via BoingBoing)
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 Crushing passion
San Francisco's Top 10 sex scandals
North Beach's Condor nightclub was best known for a well-endowed erotic dancer named Carol Doda, but in the predawn hours of Nov. 23, 1983, its most notable milestone was carved when beefy Assistant Manager James "Jimmy the Beard" Ferrozzo was crushed to death by a hydraulic piano while lying atop his naked stripper girlfriend, Theresa Hill.

Ferrozzo, who was clothed, evidently kicked the "up" switch on the piano with a pointed-toe boot while in the throes of passion, and the instrument - long used as an entrance prop by Doda - rose 15 feet to the ceiling and crushed him. Firefighters freed the screaming Hill and her dead partner four hours later...

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picture I thought it was a joke, but no. Cummingtonite was not invented for the plot of a cheesy porn movie involving the spelunking exploits of a randy group of mineranalogists. No, cummingtonite is a real mineral. Dark grayish or greenish-brown with a silky to vitreous luster, including fibrous, lamellar and radiating masses, in case that gets your rocks off. It is also called "magnesium iron silicate hydroxide", but since it is particularly common in Cummington, Massachusetts, it gets its more interesting name. I leave it to you to guess whether it will make you more lucky to have one of these rocks in your pocket.

It is not the only ridulously named mineral. See Molecules with Silly
or Unusual Names
. What do you think about Arsole, Bastardane, Munchnones, Spermine, Dickite, Fukalite, Pubescine, Clitoriacetal and Vaginatin? I'm not kidding you. There are many more, equally silly and suggestive.
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 Condom bunnies
Ad campaign for Durex, done by Fitzgerald+CO in Atlanta
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 Picture Stories of the Sex Life of Man and Woman
picture picture
From Alan Scherstuhl in The Pitch, some scans from a 1941 book about sex, full of rather questionable information. Includes highlights such as:
- "The Process of Erection and Excitement Explained"
- "Emotional Climaxes of Married Couple During Coitus"
- "How the Organs Look If the Front of the Female Body Is Opened"
- "Facts You Should Know For Defloration On Bridal Night"

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 Small Penis Humiliation
No, I don't really need any, but apparently some people do, and clearly Sabrina Morgan is good at it. Here's how she got started:
When I first got into domination it was on a strictly personal level with a long-term submissive. I didn’t understand small penis humiliation and felt that men with small penises should be encouraged to consider their other strong points in bed, such as giving good oral. I firmly believed men’s obsession with penis size was ridiculous and in no way based on reality.

Three things happened to change this:

1. One of my submissives had a very small penis. I worked around this, I was patient, I was supportive, I was licked from dawn til sunset. But if I ever tried to ride I couldn’t move or it would fall out. Condoms slid off. They were baggy. And he was a premature ejaculator. After a while I just had to find other ways to amuse myself with it. Mmm… Did I mention he was a masochist?

2. I finally started to understand erotic humiliation, and how it could be erotic, for both the giver and the receiver. I could never experience it as erotic to give until I understood what it was like to enjoy it from the other end.* I had to experience it myself a few times - and find it intriguing.

* I say never but there were times when my sadism took hold and I played rough. That said there was always hesitation and remorse until I understood it from both ends.

3. I finally gave it, gave it and enjoyed every minute of it. Over and over. Until the fading shame of cutting another person’s ego down was replaced with the secret thrill of exposing his weaknesses and leaving him raw and vulnerable… of loving to make him squirm. The penis is the center of a man’s ego, after all. I saw it as an intersection of verbal sadism, male exhibitionism, submissive shame, and the kink of being inspected and judged. I’m into CFNM (oh, who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want a harem of sexy naked men on display for their amusement?) and after understanding small penis honesty from that angle it all started to click....

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 Manara Tarot
Tarot cards by Milo Manara
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boy·taur \'boi-tawr\ n 1 : a guy with four (or more) legs 2 : a guy with any of a variety of multilimb or other transformations 3 : a guy who enjoys the company of boytaurs, and is thus a boytaur in spirit

There's something wildly, almost primally, attractive about a guy with four legs: the crowding of long, sculpted thigh muscle, the four calf muscles bobbing and working in rhythm with his four-legged walk, the four strong male feet supporting his powerful boytaur body. Boytaurs know this attraction well, and it is our constant joy, both to have and to share...

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 Big Man
picture Reverse Cowgirl:
DC, you are one cold ass bitch. So far, the highlight was meeting this big boy. He is huge. And he is big. He is sitting in the corner. If he was standing up? I don't know. Maybe he would be 12 feet tall? But the big thing is that he is really beautiful. In person. You kind of have to see him to get it. His facial expression is ... explosive. His bald head is as big as the world. He is delightful to behold....
The sculpture is by Ron Mueck.
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 Mannequin speaker
picture Object Remix by Bob Turek. An MP3 player built into a mannequin.
As part of my object remix series, this stereo forces the music source into the center of attention and creates a radically new user interface.
(Via BoingBoing)
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 Curious places to live
British streets and towns were sometimes named long ago in ways that are a little, uhm, embarrassing today. Would you live in Penistone or Crapstone? No, I'd much rather live in Wetwang or Titty Ho. On Spanker Lane, preferably.
See NY Times article.
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 Right Brain versus Left Brain
picture You see this lovely dancer turning. Is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise, seen from above?

If she's turning clockwise, you use more of the right side of your brain, which is associated with feelings, fantasy, big picture thinking, etc.

If she's turning counter clockwise, you're using more of your left brain, which is associated with logic, facts, details, language, etc.

From Herald Sun, where you'll see more of an explanation.
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