What to wear under a burqa
Via BoingBoing. It's an ad for the online lingerie store Liason Dangereuse.
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 Window Seat

R&B singer Erykah Badu steps out of a while Lincoln Continental and walks along that very same block in Dallas where JFK was assassinated in 1963. She casually throws off each piece of her clothing until she's walking naked. People are staring. A single shot rings out from the grassy knoll...

It has a message. Somewhat convoluted, but I like it. Despite the out of focus video. Fuck groupthink, or something. This is what she said on twitter about it:
.. was shot guerilla style, no crew , 1 take , no closed set , no warning , 2 min . , downtown dallas , then ran like hell... I was afraid. But I was ready...
Found on BoingBoing.
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 Star Trek: The Next Generation Sexual Innuendo Montage

Cleverly cut 10 minute collection of sexual innuendo on Star Trek The Next Generation. YouTube. Found on Great White Shark.
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 Tunick in Sidney

This week Spencer Tunick got 5000 naked Australians together in front of the Sydney Opera House. Sidney Morning Herald.
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 Clayton Cubitt's Mardi Gras Birthday 2009

Clayton Cubitt, via Unscathed Corpse
The video is a "toned down version" of the original video from the last Clayton Cubitt's Mardi Gras Birthday Party 2009. The video has been removed by Vimeo cause considered too sexy. You'll recognize sexy New York artists and writers among his friends.

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 St Tropez

From the latest issue of Nero Magazine, via indienudes. Mmmh, lovely strip tease.
Bronwen Parker-Rhodes works part-time as a DJ in a strip club. Other than that she makes videos and takes photos. For the launch of this issue she gave us one of her videos, St Tropez, a music video for London based artist Rollo Jean.

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 Too Hot For YouTube: Save The Boobs!

YouTube's long been known for its unfriendliness to porn trailers and vaguely suggestive videos—but now they've gone too far. The latest casualty in YouTube's war against sexy? A bouncy, breastacular, slow-mo bikini video...that raises awareness about breast cancer. Yes, it's true, the video does feel like some 80's teensploitation pool flick (well, except for the lack of any nipple)—but come on, it's to raise awareness for breast cancer. And there are no nipples!...

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 Reverse Burka

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 PG Porn

These are great. Short PG Porn videos by James Gunn. It looks like porn, it sounds like porn, you'll recognize some of the actors, you'll recognize the themes, but somehow it doesn't quite turn out as you might expect. Above you see Sasha Gray and James Gunn in Roadside Ass-sistance
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 10 things you didn't know about orgasm

This is a TED Talk by Mary Roach. As it says, it "delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious."
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 Baby baby baby
I'm not sure if I'll start posting videos or not, but this one is lovely. It was filmed on rue Montorgueil in Paris apparently for the group "Make The Girl Dance". Just a shame with those black bars there. From Fubiz. (Thanks Romain!)
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