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picture 25 May 2005 @ 13:03

Seven workers at a Ford plant were suspended after being caught watching a porn video on the net in working hours involving a woman and an octopus. And they're launching a "top-level probe" to get to the bottom of it, to possibly fire more people.

Companies are so stupidly prudish. People are doing that kind of thing in just about any company you can think of. Why is it so important to treat it as something terribly serious? I used to work in a company where there always was a buzz about some bizarre internet porn video. It was usually started by the engineering department. "Hey, did you see that one with the woman having sex with a goat?", and they're laughing their asses off watching it. And the management there would indeed have taken it very seriously, if they had noticed. They'd instantly have fired the whole engineering department, and just as instantly have run their whole company into the ground, because they couldn't have made it without those particular hard-working perverts.

Now, where's the video that those Ford guys were watching? Sheesh, why don't they include that in the news story? Do I have to go look for it myself? ...Here's a gallery. No big deal. ... Oh, I found the actual video in question. Hm, yeah, it is pretty gross. I can't say I recommend looking at that one, but if you absolutely have to, here it is. A Japanese video with a woman "giving birth" to an octopus, i.e. squeezing it out of her pussy.

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I thought octopussy was a James Bond film  

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