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18 Jan 2006 @ 00:03

This site publishes a bunch of letters from female readers, descriping their anal sex experiences and tips. In brief, go slow, and use lots of lube.
When we finally did do it, he emphasized that I was in total control, and he was absolutely respectful and sensual in his actions and communication. Although I couldn't handle his being inside of me for too long (I'm anticipating and hoping that this will change in the future!), it felt very pleasurable (and rimming- yum- oh, that felt gorgeous too), and it also gave me *intense* pleasure to know that I was fulfilling a long-time desire of his. Most importantly, engaging in anal sex with him was an intensely personal and intimate act, and made me feel much closer to him, perhaps because I had opened myself up to him in a such a vulnerable way and had trusted him. Likewise, he is beginning to trust me also. I engaged in anal penetration with him (with my finger)- something he also had desired. We hope some day to engage in much more anal play in the future, and to "up the ante" so to speak!

My partner has gotten me more in touch with my ass than any man ever has, and I am both grateful for that and excited by it! The second time we did it, we used mirrors so that I could see him behind me-- views I'd never had before. This was *totally* arousing. I wish we had taken pictures. Now, I'm scanning the internet on a regular basis for pictures and stories of anal sex, and longing for the next time when we can touch one another in that manner again!
Here's to being in touch with your ass.

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