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picture 19 Mar 2007 @ 23:01

Esquire's sex expert addresses the important question of the psychosocial implications of disappearing pubic hair on women:
To be honest, I find most extended pubic-hair ruminations tedious. Even psychosocial ones. But if I were to briefly put on my Camille Paglia hat, which is from a truck stop, I would say something about the current hair lacuna stemming directly from the cult of the Dionysian bitch-priestess. Yes, I would, and then I would bring up Madonna. But I've misplaced that hat, so I'll simply say the new bareness is a trend instigated by porn and exploited by the media, because when those two get together, anything can happen. No one suffers much from an absence of pubic hair; its evolutionary function is thought to be as a buffer for intercourse. No one paid it much mind until a few years ago, when a roving band of waxers from Brazil came here and started taking all of our country's pubic hair. And now it's just out of control...

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20 Mar 2007 @ 03:00 by Rodrigo : brasilians to blame?
Hang on, I must say, in Brasil women began to wax "brasilian stile" only AFTER it became famous in the US. It´s not common in Brasil at all.  

20 Mar 2007 @ 12:30 by mamzel : psychosocial implications
She doesn't say anything about the psychological aspect, which I'd find very interesting to learn more about.  

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