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picture 26 Oct 2007 @ 02:18

It turned the real-life sex-toy trade into a popular virtual diversion; now it's turning it back again. Naughty Gifts, one of the most used Facebook applications, is throwing a series of adult parties in the real world this week.
Some 2.6 million Facebook users have sent 33 million naughty gifts -- including thongs, whips and condoms -- to their friends since the app joined the social network's platform in August.
Like the site's own gifts feature, the items are merely iconic online representations of the real thing. But now Naughty Gifts' developers are hosting bicoastal bashes for app users to party in all their fleshy, costume-wearing glory. Events take place at New York and Chicago this Friday and in San Francisco next Wednesday.
"People like getting naughty online and offline," said Natasha Chatilo, 26, who developed the widget with Adam Gries. "We'll have lots of awesome physical incarnations of the naughty gift icons -- think whipped cream, pearl necklace, joy stick -- and we also have some T-shirts and cute little undies."

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