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26 Aug 2008 @ 14:40

A Sexual Adventure:
"Ok, I'm gonna need you naked."

We were stripping our clothes off within 30 seconds of him entering my room. His kiss was intoxicating. The pent up desire was almost too intense to take.

The original intent was to spend the entire afternoon together, in between him finishing up a few things at work and catching a flight. But he got held up at work, and never had time to go home to shower and pack. As soon as he could escape work, he was at my door. I didn't care about the timing or the lack of showering...I needed him. More than I'd needed anything in a long time.

There was little foreplay, but at this juncture, after nearly a year of teasing each other, it wasn't necessary. Once we were naked, I leaned back on the bed and he pounced on me in an instant. The intensity of his kisses and the pressure of his body on mine was exhilarating. I was lost in the sensations of everything about him immediately...

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