10 Everyday Household Items To Spice Up Your Sex Life0 comments
picture 14 Nov 2008 @ 02:24

From SexualMastery. Like:
4. Electric Toothbrush

Don’t know what to buy as a Christmas present for your girl? The answer is really simple - electric toothbrush.

Yes, electric toothbrushes can be used for masturbation session or you can create a pretty exciting sensations during intercourse or oral sex session.

Now just to be clear, some girls have really sensitive clits, so if she is still “toothbrush-virgin” be very gentle to find out if she likes it.

You can use toothbrush with or without the brush itself (just the vibrating base).

5. Toothpaste

Just brush your teeth and perform cunnilingus on your girl for a mild effect. You can also dab a bit of toothpaste on your tongue for a stronger, more tingling sensation.

Your girl can do this to, while giving you a blowjob.

Believe me, you will be so surprised that such a simple, everyday item can give you such intense pleasure...

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