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28 Feb 2010 @ 18:06

Peta decided not to put this on billboards after all, but it would have been fun. Yeah, maybe Tiger should be neutered. Or maybe he should just agree with himself on what he wants.

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1 Mar 2010 @ 16:44 by Fred : Bad taste
Amazingly, PETA had the good sense not to run this ad. Of scourse the threat of legal action had something to do with it. You, on the other hand don't have good sense or good taste. I take it you think it's OK to mock people who are disabled, or have mental or physical problems. Maybe you like calling people "retarded". Tiger has admitted he has a problem and he's working to fix it.  

1 Mar 2010 @ 18:57 by stanley : Hypocrisy
OK, let me lay out my view of it in more detail, then.

I don't think Tiger Woods has at all identified his own problem. It is a big copout for him to pretend that it was some kind of sex addiction and he can handle it by apologizing and going into "rehab". What is wrong with him is not that he had sex, but that he was living a phony life, pretending to be something he isn't. He was pretending that to the public, to his fans, and also to his wife, which is probably the worst part. He obviously promised her lots of things that he couldn't and wouldn't ever keep. And now he's going to go back to pretending that even harder.

I don't believe in sex addiction. I don't believe sex is a bad thing. There's no great need to apologize for wanting to have sex. There's rather a need to apologize for lying, for living a double life, for being a hypocrite. However, I think that should naturally be followed by a dedication to the truth, to being honest with oneself and one's close ones, and the public. If one just goes back to reinforcing the lie one was living, then one hasn't really learned anything.

I find it perfectly acceptable to mock people who have moral problems, even though I wouldn't mock people for physical or mental handicaps. Tiger Woods has a moral problem. Or, maybe more correctly, he has a problem with his own integrity. He doesn't agree with himself. His says one thing and does another, and he promises stuff he won't keep. He's a hypocrite. I believe people can subscribe to all sorts of different morals, and one isn't necessarily better than another. But one has a problem when one doesn't follow the rules one has agreed to, and, equally, when one agrees to rules one doesn't believe in. And, whereas anybody can make mistakes, what then makes it much worse is when one strongly asserts a different reality than the one one is living, issuing denials and promises that have nothing to do with what one really believes and does.

Tiger Woods has acted like one of the long line of moralizing politicians or preachers who pretend to follow some squeaky clean moral standards, who try to hold others to them, but in reality they live by totally different rules. And then, when it comes out that they've been seeing hookers every week, or that they've seduced their interns, then they come out and give a tearful public apology, explaining how they were led into temptation, but they'll never, ever do it again.

Part of what bothers me there is the disrespect shown to the list of women they've been with, the mistresses, prostitutes, interns, etc. They're all part of the "bad" sex thing, temptresses who led him astray. They usually don't get any apologies.

If Tiger Woods actually had faced the real situation, I'd have had a lot of respect for him. But blaming it on the evil sex demons and promising never to do it again, that's a load of BS.

I'd welcome any billboards that call out the hypocrisy of public people, and most particularly when it comes to sex.  

3 Mar 2010 @ 03:32 by Fred : PETA
I don't recall that Tiger said anything about "sex addiction" or sex being "bad'. You're creating a straw man and then killing him even though he hsa nothing to do with Tiger's apology.
As I recall he said that he'd violated his vows and that he'd violated his own pricinples and vows. In fact, the very poor-taste poster yb PETA is much more anti-sex than anything that Tiger said!  

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