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3 Sep 2010 @ 03:59

Being mormon, I can't look at porn or nudity. So I have to get creative. That's why I invented "bubbling"...

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7 Sep 2010 @ 09:36 by Scotty Wright : Bubbling
Interesting, Ultimus.

You can't look at porn or nudity, you say, although you do: there's no way to take a 'pornographic' photo and apply your bubble effect without seeing the photo and discerning where the bubbles should go.

That's not what I find interesting, though.

I am fascinated by people such as yourself who choose to be associated with a religious community, yet look for ways to flout the rules of their chosen society. This is different from the rules or laws of a socio-political group, such as countries, cities and the like. Laws that deal with driving, litter, and smoking sections, for instance, are created to strike a balance between the freedom of the individual and the well-being and safety of the public at large and, as such they are constantly being reviewed and adapted.

In a religious group, however, such rules were instated, as I understand, to represent how the community chooses to please the supreme being they worship. If this is the case, it seems as though bubbling is designed to fool your god into believing that you haven't looked at the nude women above. Is god really that dumb?
Or are such church laws actually for the people's pleasure, not the god's? Do those who are in charge of the church group need control of these various personal freedoms- how one dresses, whether one smokes, drinks alcohol, or looks at nude bodies- to better lead the flock into oneness with god, if that is actually the goal?

Or is the goal something else?

You obviously don't believe as they do, and you have spent enough time focused on nudity and/porn to devise a 'way around the rule', but why? I mean, even with the very cute bubble effect, the women are still nude, you have still looked at them, and that is still in violation of church law. What have you gained?  

11 Sep 2010 @ 11:55 by D : Re:Scotty
If you would have followed the link you would have realised that the girls wasn´t nude at all in the original picture, but the bubble effect creates the illusion that they are. Cute trick actually.
However, I do think that Ultimus is just trolling with the mormon backstory.  

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