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6 Feb 2011 @ 23:53

Kelly and I started in fine fashion and now it was time to strip the husbands and get into the full swap. We got them naked and all four of us took over the king size bed. John went to work on Kelly’s puss, using his very talented tongue. I lay next to her, her husband Ben was doing the same thing to me. Matching sluts. I reached over and tweaked her beautiful nipples, they were calling to me to do so. Naked Ben had an abundance of talents to match his abundance of tattoos. Yet it wasn’t his tattoos that made me happy, it was his piercings. He had a pierced tongue and a pierced cock. I have played with a pierced dude before, but not like this. He camped between my legs and promptly began teasing the blood into my pussy lips. He wrapped his hands around my knees, lightly squeezing them sending shivers up my thighs...

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