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24 Feb 2011 @ 03:45

MustB Tuesday:
We finished cleaning up after closing and were out by 12:30. Lily left me to shut the lights and to lock up. Normally, on nights such as this, I'd be getting undressed in my car, but I'd have to wait until I was safely in my own room at home before I could enjoy being nude. I knew I wouldn't need to put something on too quickly because Lily would be in the bath. I opened my blouse, revealing my lacy bra covered breasts, put my car in drive and, knowing I could be happily nude soon, smiled as I drove the short distance from work to home. When I arrived, I saw Lily's car parked on the street, allowing me to park in the drive. As I closed my front door behind me, I noticed my front room was glowing from the soft light of candles and heard soft music playing. I stepped into my front room and saw Lily stretched out, nude, on my couch, masturbating...

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