How Can Men Make Sex More Exciting For Women?2 comments
9 Jun 2011 @ 22:31

Q: It’s easy for women to spice things up in the bedroom with sexy lingerie but what can us men do to make things more exciting? I don’t fancy putting on a shiny silver g-string.

A: You are right that it’s easy for women as lingerie will do it almost every time. According to esoteric philosophy men are naturally the voyeurs who gaze adoringly, whilst women are the natural “exhibitionists” who love the attention, being adored and worshipped. What this means for you is that you can heave a huge sigh of relief, that, as much as you don’t want to wear the spandex g-string, it probably won’t do much for her either.

Even in modern western culture we know that men’s sexual response is mainly visual, and the Tao seemed to know this a few thousand years earlier.

To spice things up, why not slip into your natural role of the voyeur instead by doing what she will love. Adore her. All you have to do is to worship her body. Keep the lights on, but low, and admire every inch of her skin, caress it, not only with your hands, but your eyes. Invite her to be the exhibitionist, to display her beauty to you. Let her know you want to feast your eyes on every bit of her. Make appreciative comments and noises...

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11 Jun 2011 @ 03:01 by stanley : Staggered
You were saying thank you for the friendly visitors I sent your way. ;-)

Yeah, I don't have a staff to go and check if people are ok with being linked to, with an excerpt. Once in a rare while that bothers somebody, but mostly it is a win-win that everybody seems to find acceptable. Some blog owners are even ecstatic when they're featured.

Thank you for writing the nice article in the first place! And you're of course also perfectly free to lift anything from here that I've lifted from other nice people.  

12 Jun 2011 @ 00:54 by stanley : Flattered Fury
I think we escape the Google duplicate content thing because I always quote just a section of somebody's article, usually a small part. They're pretty smart and must have some way of detecting what seems like quotes versus copies.

Otherwise, the few times somebody has asked to have something removed, it has usually been pictures, and usually it was a photographer who no longer did erotic photos, and who somehow was embarrassed by having their name mentioned on Sexoteric as one of the first things in Google.

Yes, you'll have to check back often. I can't be trusted to not steal some more tips on how to drive women wild with desire. ;-)  

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