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11 Jun 2011 @ 01:06

Omega Nu:
One finger was pointing. Not knowing why, Carolyn murmured “thank you”, and walked into the room. It held only one painting, but it seemed too small to hold even that. A woman smiled at Carolyn, directly at her, a knowing smile, a smile that cut right through Carolyn. This woman had what Carolyn wanted. She moved closer to the canvas, she wanted to touch it, to rip the woman off the wall. She raised one arm, fingertips outstretched.
“Don’t turn around,” a voice breathed behind her. “Just act natural. Act like you and I are both just looking at the painting.” Normally Carolyn would whip around and mace anyone who said that, but this voice spoke to be obeyed. It made the hairs on her neck tingle, but in a good way...

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