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17 Jun 2011 @ 23:32

Psychology Today:
While sex and sexuality may be a "minefield," as Marche calls it, for some powerful and successful women, others have no issues at all with sex and their sexuality ... if only they had time for it! A recent survey of 3000 working parents in the UK not only revealed that working parents have precious little time to relax, it also discovered that over a quarter of those surveyed felt that their sex life suffered due to their hectic schedules and the exhaustion they felt from trying to keep up with all of their commitments. In the US, a recent survey suggests the problem here is even worse. As reported on CBS's The Early Show, a recent national survey of working parents revealed that approximately two-thirds of those surveyed often feel too tired to have sex, and a national survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that 33% of women surveyed reported that they had too little time or were too tired to have sex...

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