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20 Jun 2011 @ 23:31

Q: How can I make sex less painful?
A: According to results from the recent National Survey of Sexual Health, nearly 1 in 3 women experience pain during sex. While some of these women may have vulvodynia, a condition marked by chronic vulvar pain, it’s more likely that most women’s pain is caused by everyday issues like vaginal dryness or certain sexual positions. Thankfully, a little lubricant can make many sexual experiences more enjoyable. There are more lubricants available today than ever before – and they are more widely available as well. Also, another way to decrease pain is to increase the time spent during foreplay. Not only can foreplay increase vaginal lubrication, but it can also help pull the uterus upward, making more room in the vaginal canal and decreasing the chances a guy will hit the uterus during deep thrusting...

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30 Jan 2012 @ 05:10 by tsel : less painful
Mmm, also, maybe condoms could warn people about possible sensitivities to the ingredients in their lubricants. I went a year thinking sex was unbearably painful when it was just the 12-pack we bought.  

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