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29 Jun 2011 @ 02:38

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine was going through a bad breakup. She needed something to cheer her up so I went to a local Party City, bought about 40 different balloons filled with helium, some groucho marx glasses, and a noisemaker. I went to her apartment, had her buzz me in, and took the elevator up to her floor. Her door was open a crack, so I kicked it open and started singing "Hello my baby" with the noise maker thing in my mouth. A few seconds into the song, through all the balloons which were blocking my view, I see a woman who is not my friend that I came to see, wearing nothing but a towel that was probably thrown on the second I kicked the door and I stop singing just as she starts to scream. Then a naked man, who looked to be about 10 feet tall, built like Hercules, with a deep look of hatred burning in his eyes, pushes aside the balloons and starts screaming something at me as I turn and run as fast as my fat ass could towards the elevator. I finally made it to my friends apartment (One floor up) just after she got off the phone from calling the police after hearing the screams in the apartment directly below her...

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