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29 Jul 2011 @ 23:41

Femanist View
Sex feels good. It's about huge and satisfying sensations, it's about being physical and full of fun hormones and endorphins and neurotransmitters and stuff. It's about enjoying each other's bodies and your own. None of that has to be "relationships" or "emotions" in any long-term sense. Why should sex have to be anything to do with love, for it to count or be viewed as a good thing? As Tina Turner sang, "What's love got to do with it?"

People may feel that the stuff that I did with Julie or with SNS had "nothing to do with love", if they watched it on a video, but they would be wrong to reach such a conclusion.

Of course sex should not be abusive or degrading. The problem is that when it comes to what is degrading, a lot of the times it is in the eye of the beholder. Some people would, again, argue that what I do with my sexual partners is degrading, but neither they nor I found it to be so...

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