Women Who Wear Less Clothing Live Longer1 comment
21 Sep 2011 @ 23:22

Huffington Post:
Philomena Bushfield, 120, is a life-long nudist who hasn't "worn more than a pair of socks since I was 7." She is rarely sick, still runs in marathons, and has the energy and enthusiasm of a woman half her age. "It also made it much easier to meet men," says Bushfield, who currently has three different boyfriends.

Liz Sexton, 117, was a strip-tease artist for most of her life. "I was stripping until I was 83," recalls Sexton. "Didn't even need to wear a bra till I was 95." To this day, Sexton wouldn't wear clothing if you paid her. "Your skin can't breathe with all that covering. And besides, I like to feel the cool air whistling over and under my yah-yahs."

A retired Biblical scholar, Beverly McKinnon, 112, took to dressing like the Garden of Eden's Eve early on. "I've found it so comfortable to wear my three strategically-positioned fig leaves," McKinnon says. "It's my connection to the Bible, to man and woman's origin, and to getting a lifetime's worth of appreciative hoots and whistles from the men of my village." McKinnon recently returned from her fourth expedition to climb Mount Everest...
I'd like to believe, but this was clearly filed in the humor section, not in the science section.

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1 comment

28 Nov 2011 @ 22:06 by Adult dating : Get Laid
I am all for women not wearing as much clothing  

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