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14 Jul 2012 @ 01:23

Kristen Archives, by Cuckolded1946:
After a few months I began to notice that when I would
come into the office and stop by her desk to let her
know I would need her for some work, that if her
blouse was buttoned to the top, when she would come
into my office the top one or two buttons would be

I soon realized that Margaret was flirting with me.
The thing was when she bent over my desk to ask a
question about whatever I was working on I could see
all the way to her navel. Furthermore, as I said
before, she has pretty small breasts, so when she bent
over her bra would fall away and I could see
everything to the tip of her nipples. I'm sure this
became a game with her, because she would act as if
nothing unusual was going on.

This continued until one day we were alone working
together at a table in conference room. When she came
into the office I noticed that she had undone the top
two buttons of her conservative blouse. As we worked
on the project I was openly staring down Margaret's
blouse. She glanced up and caught me staring at her
tits. She appeared to tense and pull back slightly.
But then, just as an expression of disappointment
start to cross my face, she relaxed again! I couldn't
believe it! Not only was she not trying to cover up,
she even arched her back a little, to make sure I
could get a clear view. This was not at all what I had

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