Nudes reflected in small mirrors0 comments
28 Feb 2015 @ 19:16

By Alva Bernadine
These female nudes are of friends, acquaintances and volunteers from the internet. I often trawl charity shops and stores that sell cheap kitsch because I sometimes come across objects and trinkets that may lead to ideas for photos. I came across some small mirrors in a £1 shop. They were selling them for £1 for two. I bought six not knowing what I would do with them. After a false start I eventually came up with the idea of shooting nudes with them. I have used mirrors before in my work but never in multiples. After initially trying to get as many into an image as possible, I then started thinking up different permutations, finally working my way back down to one mirror (I was asked for the use of the later for a controversial feminist book in Argentina). As the mirrors were so small, you can only reflect a small portion of the body with one, which led be to try to reconstitute a woman with several.


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