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 Japanese bandage fetish
picture ThinkingBlog
Japanese Weirdness. It's a term you may have heard before. Claustrophobic capsule hotels, over-the-edge TV shows, the most overtly sexual animation anywhere and much, much more all contribute to the perception that Japanese modern culture is, well, different. It's proven to be fertile soil for this writer, who has covered bizarre drinks and weird condoms to mention just a couple. Leave it to Japan to surprise and shock us again - just when you thought you'd seen it all.

It's in the psycho-sexual realm that things really get weird. Lolita "Roricon" complexes, cosplay, mask fetish and extreme S&M are just the tip of the riceberg. Combine the three and you get something beyond weird, even for Japan: Kegadol. Loosely translated as "Injured Idol", Kegadol images feature pretty young women in casts, bandages, eyepatches... or all of the above (oh joy!).

It's not clear where this kinda creepy Kegadol trend began, though there does seem to be a longstanding erotic fringe that appreciates injured females. References to 1970s Penthouse Forum articles extolling "monopede mania" and primal primate protective programming are markers on a rough trail that few follow - but "few" is more than none. Here's how Peter Payne of JLIST explains the Japanese eyepatch fetish:

"Almost everyone has an eye infection or disease at some point [in Japan], and for that reason eyepatches are a common sight. Recently eye-patches have become a staple in anime culture as well, with eyepatch wearing characters appearing in such anime as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Battle Vixens, Lone Wolf and Cub, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, D.Gray Man and others, where an eyepatch adds something mysterious and distinctive to the character."

[ / | 19 Aug 2007 @ 18:13 | 1 comment | PermaLink ]  More >

 Sneezing fetish
The sneeze fetish is a sexual fetish that is characterized by a person's interest, pleasure or sexual attraction to other’s sneezing, and/or a person’s own sneezing. There is only one published academic article about sneezing fetishism, despite the large community of individuals who share the fetish and for whom it plays an important role in their experiences of sexuality.

...People with this fetish can be heterosexual and still enjoy sneezes from both genders. Some people are heterosexual and enjoy only sneezes from the same gender. The same goes for homosexuals with this fetish. The preferences and tastes vary as widely as in any other sampling of individuals with shared sexual preferences.

For most sneezing fetishists, the fetish plays an important role in their sexual satisfaction. Many sneezing fetishists report that orgasms are more easily attainable and/or intense when brought about using sneezing role play, listening to recorded sneezes, having a partner sneeze for them or reading sneeze fetish fiction ("sneezefic"). Additionally, many sneeze fetishists have other (sometimes unrelated) fetishes and are often also aroused by "traditional" sexual stimulants.
Many sneeze fetishists are very self-conscious about sneezing in front of family members or in public. They often cite a mental block that prevents them from sneezing out loud. They will often stifle sneezes in public, or retreat to a washroom or other private space in order to sneeze unobserved and unheard by others.

Almost universally, sneeze fetishists do not enjoy sneezes from their own family members (parents and grandparents are most frequently cited). For some, living with family members who suffer from allergies or frequent illness can be very stressful. Some fetishists are just as upset by their own sneezes as their family's, but others can get turned on by their own sneezes, and may induce sneezing using a wide variety of methods to increase their enjoyment of the fetish.
Well, bless you, in any case.
[ | 8 Aug 2007 @ 03:51 | 1 comment | PermaLink ]  More >

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
Nunsploitation is nothing but reports on porn involving nuns. There seems to be a whole lot of that. Must be all those catholics.
[ | 16 Jul 2007 @ 00:50 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 Kinks galore
picture An article about an exhibition at New York's Museum of Sex.
For those of you not easily offended, here’s a quick lifestyle quiz you won’t find in the Sunday paper:
1. What ranks atop the list of most prevalent sexual fetishes?
2. What most excites a “popper”?
3. What natural substance is involved in “sploshing”?

If you didn’t know that the respective answers are feet and toes, a popping balloon, and mud, perhaps you’re overdue for a trip to New York City, where these and other fetishes are being celebrated at the Museum of Sex’s latest exhibition, called “Kink: Geography of the Erotic Imagination.”

Curated by Katharine Gates, author of “Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex,” the exhibit unapologetically invites visitors to step outside their comfort zones for a jaunt across the landscape of most of what is sexually possible to the discriminating adult. (It has to be “most” because there’s nothing featured that would violate any laws.) Gates has spent the last decade researching and documenting the sexual palette and “Kink” is, according to Gates, intended “to introduce the world to some of the amazing people I have met in my travels.” She goes on to encapsulate the show by explaining of those she studied, “Their erotic fantasies may seem odd, but they act on them in conscious and conscientious ways.” And from the poppers to the plushies, indeed they do...

[ | 1 Apr 2007 @ 23:40 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

There's just something about sushi that really gets me going. First, it's the look of it. Yummy, woman colors of orange and pink and red. Glistening rawness with sculptural, organic beauty. Almost every time I have sushi, I'll find myself holding a piece of sashimi in my chopsticks, mouth drooling as I admire it, saying to myself, "That is the sexiest piece of fish I've ever seen." The second thing about my sushi turn-on is the simple process of eating it: purposeful, carefully, hand to mouth, with care. Truly connecting with your food. Third, it's the process of appreciation: each piece tastes different, requires time for admiring and savoring. Fourth, and this kind of encapsulates everything: it's just so damn raw. And after eating a lot of it, something kicks into high gear inside of me and there is no looking back. Open the floodgates...
The photo is by Kevin Hundsnurscher
[ / | 1 Feb 2007 @ 13:48 | 1 comment | PermaLink ]  More >

I've seen dead bodies, and the thought doesn't exactly seem appetizing to me. But I liked Kissed. Anyway, this chat transcript might be the real thing. The guy is supposedly a country coroner.
<NecroDr> anyway she was laying unclothed there on the table
<NecroDr> i had a few phone calls so i couldnt examine her right away
<NecroDr> it was late so i closed the office and locked up
<ShadowMn> ok
<NecroDr> as i looked at her something new happened i was starting to get excited
<ShadowMn> I would imagine... understandable.
<NecroDr> i trie dto get my mind back on the job
<NecroDr> but as i started the examination i started to touch her
<NecroDr> her breaasts
<NecroDr> and between her legs
<ShadowMn> how old was she?
<NecroDr> i undid my pants as i touched er
<NecroDr> and i got even more excited
<NecroDr> i finally lost control and took all my clothes off and climbed on top of her
<NecroDr> it was so hot
<ShadowMn> how old was she?
<NecroDr>adn i had sex with her body
<NecroDr> 16
<NecroDr> i was a bit shocked after i finished
<ShadowMn> why
<NecroDr> couldnt believed i had done it

[ | 26 Jan 2007 @ 23:55 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 BDSM blossoms in Second Life
picture The accidental mistress learns about BDSM in Second Life:
One day, not long ago, we met in SL, and she did something I'll never forget. It changed our relationship radically and permanently, and it has even changed me, in real life, to some degree. We were enjoying one of our long, sensuous lovemaking sessions, only this time, she got aggressive. Well, as I mentioned in my last column, I happen to love rough sex, in real life and in SL, so this was a most welcome development indeed.

But this wasn't ordinary rough sex; this was different. It was clear that she expected me to obey her, and not to resist or even to discuss the matter. She literally ordered me: how to stand, how to lie, what to do. She told me what I was feeling, and how much I liked it. She commanded me, and she violated me. She slapped me so hard I nearly blacked out. She choked me, digging her nails into the soft skin of my neck, and drew a little of my blood. She bit my ears, and my nipples, hard. She didn't ask for permission; she demanded and took what she wanted of me, without apology, without reservation. And I loved every second of it!

I began to feel free - actually liberated. It sounds pardoxical, but it's true. As I let her control me, I felt less aware of myself. The more I submitted - delivering myself to her, sacrificing myself to her - the less bound I felt by the chains of my own personality, history, agenda, even consciousness. I allowed her will to control me, welcoming it, inviting it, releasing control of myself with joy - and yes, with awe. And I began to feel this literally, in real life, sitting at my keyboard.

The more I relinquished control, the more I wanted to be controlled. But I was not completely free of self-consciousness, until she did something that stripped away my last shred of ego. I'm a bi girl, and I don't mind saying it. I do like men very much. I've been with lesbians, and I confess that, secretly, I feel superior to them: "Scared of a man's c*ck? Ha, you neurotic, Puritanical weakling!" And this is the real-life me I'm talking about, as much as my SL character. And she knew this, and she reached right into my mind and brought it up, and used it.

She was fisting me hard, and I thought, this has got to be as painful as childbirth! The pain I imagined danced through me, making me tremble violently, electrifying me, tingling every nerve - a bright, jagged pain that I adored. It was her pain! I loved it with my very heart. I begged her to f*ck me harder still! And then she sneered at me, shouting, "Feel this hand that f*cks and owns your p*ssy! Stronger and harder than any man-c*ck you ever had in your pathetic bi fantasies!"

And that was the master stroke. She took this personal thing from deep in my mind and humiliated me with it. At that moment, I released every last shred of my ego to her, willingly, longingly, with blind devotion and genuine awe. And then I came in a violent spasm that rolled through me in waves - again, and again, and again.

I had an epiphany...

[ | 23 Jan 2007 @ 23:56 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

From PostSecret.
[ | 7 Dec 2006 @ 21:37 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 Kinky Style
picture picture
By Patrick Ceuppens. (Via Unscathed Corpse)
[ | 28 Nov 2006 @ 23:51 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

She's out of her cage
[ | 5 Nov 2006 @ 17:11 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 Women in monster masks
picture picture
I guess that would be a fetish for somebody. This guy takes pictures of nude women in monster masks. Strange.
[ | 21 Sep 2006 @ 10:50 | 2 comments | PermaLink ]  More >

JT's Stockroom, via Cobit
[ | 29 Jul 2006 @ 00:31 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

picture Nawa Shibari Dojo has a bunch of tutorials in Shibari, Japanese bondage rope work. Here's from the section on "Crotch rope shibari":
The crotchrope is a great option for one of the first, or primary layers of rope. Contributing to it's erotic power is the fact that it's emphasis is directly on the genitals, and secondary layers of rope tied off to the crotchrope only intensify an already stimulating situation.

crotchrope Take care and practice in the placement of any built up knots and in adjusting the tension of the crotchrope. It's easy to intensify loose fitting bondage, but very difficult to adjust an over tight binding once subsequent layers are in place.

The concept of building up knots to stimulate pressure points on the anatomy is derived from shiatsu, an eastern massage technique. The skilled individual uses his knowledge of massage and pressure points to get those thick knots in just the right places.

The pressure of built up knots against the vagina, anus, or base of the scrotum contributes to the power of the crotchrope, but a misplaced or creeping knot against the pubic bone or tailbone can be frustrating and abrading in a not so erotic way.

Also worth mention is that pressure points along the spine actually lie to the side of the spinal column. If your intent is to stimulate these points, or if your subject may end up lying on her back, it's a good idea to place the knot work against the narrow strip of tissue that runs along either side of the spine. Knots that dig directly into the spine can be dangerous, and can detract from the focus of the scene.

[ / , | 3 Jul 2006 @ 00:41 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 A game of Canasta
Mistress Betka:
Last night started off with an innocent game of Canasta and ended in a tangled mess of rubbery goo. I am not sure how exactly that happens around here , but it comes about more often than not. I think anytime three people put on latex socks for a friendly card game things are bound to get dirty. ( Especially when they are latex toe socks. Note to self: Latex toe socks are at the top of the kinky shopping list.)

We were tossing cards when talk of an enema came up. Always a facilitator, I jumped up and grabbed an enema bottle with a simple, castille solution. Several mini vacations to the restroom later and we were off... Our latex doll was dressed in a black catsuit with a beautiful black and white HW hood. Shiny knee socks were held in place by clever latex sock suspenders. (They are polka dotted and oh so fucking fantastic.)A tight pair of sheath panties made our fuck doll a perverts wet dream of clinical pleasures, available for use in any number of ways. My accomplice was wearing a custom black and white HW catsuit with matching hood,latex toe socks, black pumps and a brand new black butt plug. ...
Sounds like a perfectly normal game of cards so far.
[ / | 2 Jul 2006 @ 01:39 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]

 Naomi's House
picture picture
This site is in Japanese, so I don't know what it says. But it has lots of pictures of cute Japanese girls dominating men. Like, face sitting, which is the part I like. Or, worse, sporty girls in boxing gear kicking poor tied-up males. Oh, I'm sure they paid well for the pleasure.
[ / | 31 May 2006 @ 22:51 | 0 comments | PermaLink ]  More >

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