On courtship
picture The Kama Sutra, from Art History Archive:
In the next place he should get her to meet him in some place privately, and should then tell her that the reason of his giving presents to her in secret was the fear that the parents of both of them might be displeased, and then he may add that the things which he had given her had been much desired by other people. When her love begins to show signs of increasing he should relate to her agreeable stories if she expresses a wish to hear such narratives. Or if she takes delight in legerdemain, he should amaze her by performing various tricks of jugglery; or if she feels a great curiosity to see a performance of the various arts, he should show his own skill in them. When she is delighted with singing he should entertain her with music, and on certain days, and at the time of going together to moonlight fairs and festivals, and at the time of her return after being absent from home, he should present her with bouquets of flowers, and with chaplets for the head, and with ear ornaments and rings, for these are the proper occasions on which such things should be presented.

He should also teach the daughter of the girl's nurse all the sixty-four means of pleasure practised by men, and under this pretext should also inform her of his great skill in the art of sexual enjoyment. All this time he should wear a fine dress, and make as good an appearance as possible, for young women love men who live with them, and who are handsome, good looking and well dressed. As for the sayings that though women may fall in love, they still make no effort themselves to gain over the object of their affections, that is only a matter of idle talk...

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 Kamasutra 2
picture picture
By Luci Gutierrez. A book from Artichoque
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 Kamasutra 1
picture picture
By Roberto Maján. A book from Artichoque.
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 The Scout Walker Kama Sutra
Some Star Wars fan clearly had too much time on his hands. The Scout Walker Kama Sutra goes in great detail about the sexual positions possible for a couple of Imperial Scout Walkers. This one is called "The Wrecker":
Despite appearances, this position is one of the more tricky in the Scout Walker Kama Sutra. One Scout Walker lies back with their head propped on the ground and their legs tucked up to their chest. The other Scout Walker mounts them, splaying their own legs back behind them, and proceeds to rock and thrust - being careful as they go as their partner is particularly prone and vulnerable beneath them, taking not only their full weight but the full weight behind their thrusts and motions. This position is known as "wrecking" as, on the battlefield, two Scout Walkers surprised in the act by the enemy whilst in this position can freeze, power down and quite possibly be mistaken for scrap metal: it resembles nothing more than one scout walker crushed under another who has been shot out of the sky in mid-leap. There are stories and "urban myths" floating around claiming that some have escaped with their lives by doing just that, but these are generally taken to be apocryphal. This position is popular not only for the energy you can put into it, but also because it allows the two of you to kiss, though your not pressed into each others faces either - so you can shy away from halitosis with tact.

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 IT kamasutra
Hey, he's a nerd, what can you expect? They really have a very tantric relationship, him and that PC.
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 French kamasutra
picture picture picture picture
Kamasutra with instructions, in French.
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 Create your own Kama Sutra
Oh, that is fun. Instant Kama Sutra. You play around with the controls, and you can add people, and change their movement and position, and gender, even. And it all happens right away, in a Flash animation. Here is my first attempt. OK, that became a little messy. This could be rather addictive.
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 Kama Sutra positions you shouldn't attempt
From Yongfook (Warning, loud soundtrack), a collection of found Indian Kama Sutra illustrations, of positions that seem particularly puzzling. All with entertaining commentary.
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 Kamasutra Painting
A classic Indian erotic painting. Well, it isn't all that old. From Rajahstan around 1950. But when I say it's classic, it's classic. From ARTas Erotica.
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 Animated kama sutra
picture There are a few of those around. So, here is another, Animated Kama Sutra. With the original translation of the text, I believe. Here you see "The Stag".
When he married her, she was a very young girl, almost a child. Now she is an accomplished woman, blessed with all the talents. They like to play and surprise each other. Today he finds her lying on the bed in the pleasure room. Her face is hidden by her splayed black hair. Slightly worried, he approaches. The wife has heard him and, with a swift move, she raises her rump. The fabrics fall away, revealing her superb buttocks. Without delay, savagely, like a stag in a rut, the husband mounts his wife. Suddenly, filled with scruples, he breaks off. Then the wife, with a move of her hip, encourages him and, in a dancing rhythm, she moves along with the back and forth motion of her man, who wails with pleasure.
Hm, if I tried that, I think I'd wail too. But sneaking up and lifting her up by her superb buttocks sounds like a fun thought.
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 The Clothed Kamasutra
A photo set from, I believe, a clothing advertising campaign. Kama Sutra positions fully clothed. Cool idea.
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 Kama Sutra guide to safe sex
picture BBC:
The government in India's West Bengal State is supporting a programme that offers prostitutes an ancient solution to modern concerns about safe sex.

"Kama Sutra has many postures that can give men the highest pleasure without consummation and that is what the prostitutes are being taught.

"They are learning something very useful," says Rajyashree Choudhuri, chief of the Institute of International Social Development (IISD), who designed the project.

"They are specifically taught foreplay and other poses that will give men a high degree of pleasure," said Rajyashree Choudhury.

"We teach the girls the art of ensuring a premature but very satisfying discharge by tactfully avoiding intercourse. The Kama Sutra is a treasure house for all that."

Oh, is that the catch? Anyway, cool. Safe sex is a good thing. Kama Sutra prostitutes is a great thing.
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 Kama Sutra Book
picture Here is a complete scan of Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra. Beautiful Book.
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 Kama Sutra Free
picture This site has a lot of good Kama Sutra related information. Like here is The Position of The Wife Of Indra.
This position requires some gymnastics. The dolls don't show it well, but the woman should be in a full-tuck position with her knees at her breasts.

This position is mentioned in the Kama Sutra as the "Highest Congress" lovemaking in which the vagina is fully open ensuring maximum penetration.

Indra was the king of the gods in early Vedic writings. I know that if I was the king of the gods I would have a sexy, sexy wife.

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 The Kama Sutra
picture The Kama Sutra is a strange and beautiful book, written by a wise man in India around the 5th century B.C.. Sometimes shocking even by today's standards, and sometimes kind of hard to understand. Anyway, here's a little excerpt, on how to begin and end one's "congress", i.e. sexual intercourse.
IN the pleasure-room, decorated with flowers, and fragrant with perfumes, attended by his friends and servants, the citizen should receive the woman, who will come bathed and dressed, and will invite her to take refreshment and to drink freely. He should then seat her on his left side, and holding her hair, and touching also the end and knot of her garment, he should gently embrace her with his right arm. They should then carry on an amusing conversation on various subjects, and may also talk suggestively of things which would be considered as coarse, or not to be mentioned generally in society. They may then sing, either with or without gesticulations, and play on musical instruments, talk about the arts, and persuade each other to drink. At last when the woman is overcome with love and desire, the citizen should dismiss the people that may be with him, giving them flowers, ointments, and betel leaves, and then when the two are left alone, they should proceed as has been already described in the previous chapters.

Such is the beginning of sexual union. At the end of the congress, the lovers with modesty, and not looking at each other, should go separately to the washing-room. After this, sitting in their own places, they should eat some betel leaves, and the citizen should apply with his own hand to the body of the woman some pure sandal wood ointment, or ointment of some other kind. He should then embrace her with his left arm, and with agreeable words should cause her to drink from a cup held in his own hand, or he may give her water to drink. They can then eat sweetmeats, or anything else, according to their likings and may drink fresh juice,1 soup, gruel, extracts of meat, sherbet, the juice of mango fruits, the extract of the juice of the citron tree mixed with sugar, or anything that may be liked in different countries, and known to be sweet, soft, and pure. The lovers may also sit on the terrace of the palace or house, and enjoy the moonlight, and carry on an agreeable conversation. At this time, too, while the woman lies in his lap, with her face towards the moon, the citizen should show her the different planets, the morning star, the polar star, and the seven Rishis, or Great Bear.

Sounds lovely. I will have to arrange such a pleasure-room in my palace.
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